Flak here, back from the holidays, and I hope you all had a safe and pleasant one. Right before we ended 2011, we were invited to check out the much underrated flow of Asher Roth.

He recently dropped a free mixtape entitled Pabst & Jazz, produced by 1500, Blended Babies and of course, Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids. Check that out here and bob your head!

The show was at the Viper Room, a place where we’re always pleasantly surprised by all the love of the crowd and the intimacy of the set. Opening for him was a young Jewish MC who goes by the name Kosha Dillz. Not only was his rap skill solid, but it was infectiously entertaining. A must see part of his live show was the item freestyle, where Kosha freestyles off items the crowd hands him right before he tears it up.

This was my first time seeing Asher Roth live, and was enticed after hearing his previous mixtapes, and being impressed with 2011 Cool Kids hit Roll Call. He brought out his live band, and DJ WreckinEyes, who you’ve heard screamed over his 2010 Mixtape, Seared Foie Gras with Quince and Cranberry.

Of course the show was amazing, and Jonah Hill was even spotted rockin’ out with us, but the most interesting part for me, was the dedication Asher shows to the real craft of Hip Hop. A small soliloquy, he spoke of how important the live show is, and the all too apparent corruption of the music industry. “Music and business should have never mixed” was a quote that rang throughout the hours after in my head.

His next album, Is This Too Orange? Drops in March, and you can see the rest of his current tour dates here. Check out some real Hip Hop shows this year yeah?

Until next time my friends,