I’m back with the long awaited continuation of the Artists to Watch For 2009 series with 3 powerful woman figureheads for you to gawk and admire. All of these ladies lead a musical revolution in different genres, and had me at hello. Let’s have a look.

Natasha Slayton- Sherman Oaks, California

natasha 1

Natasha Slayton is making quick speed into the music scene with her sultry looks and heavy soul. She brings a broad view to the R&B game that will make even white people saying sexy nothings into their partners’ ear. She's the daughter of the comedian Bobby Slayton (the” Pitbull of Comedy”), and I have witnessed firsthand the humor mixed with hard work that this family brings to the table.

Getting her big break in the entertainment industry, as a main character in the Caméra d’Or wining (that’s a Cannes award mind you) indie film Me You and Everyone We Know, she didn’t need daddy’s money to get out there and bust her ass. Not only can homegirl sing, but she’s got the dancing skills parallel to most of today’s most energetic young stars on the dance floor.

natasha 2

She’s involved with her music every step of the production process, keeping it professional, while still making the boys’ heads turn. Recently, she’s been releasing a lot of her 12 track album on her MySpace page, to get listeners ready for the release coming (hopefully) this year.

Personally, my favorite song was Her, which I ask, where the hell did it go Natasha? But other funky hits are Put Your Lovin’ On Me, Tempted, and my new personal favorite, Splenda (an oldie but a goodie). Check it out and groove to this shit like I do!

Lovebird- Ventura, California


This beautiful 5 piece band from Ventura has the stench of ‘indie movie soundtrack’ written all over it. Led by the lithe, blue eyed beauty Nicole Eva Emery; the band brings a soul / rock combination that I can’t quite put my finger on.

Emery is a seasoned singer, and when I met her, she was on her way to London to do some vocal work across the pond. Just at first look, you can tell that this is a person who is passionate about her work, and wouldn’t work with anyone who didn’t feel the same way. She plays guitar whilst singing, but this ain’t no one woman party.

Tubetop and an old guitar? She's got my vote

Michael Gleeson brings his talent to the table playing members of the guitar family, mainly the axe, while Ashley Heatherly plays the keys and jumps on the bass as well. Her backup vocal talents give me nostalgic feelings of what may be a female Dallas Green. Josh Hayes plays guitar, keeping it fun and flowing, with Chris Jones providing the much underrated drums to the mix. I think in the final cut of their debut LP, he will be one of my favorite members of the band.

From the slow, movie-intro-paced track Relic, to the fast, furious and beautifully written Ending of Control, I believe we may have something here. I look forward to their LP dropping sometime this summer to give you a "This Just In" report on it. Check their MySpace and let Lovebird break your heart via electric lullaby.

Letron- Los Angeles, California

Letron on the set of In the City

Letron (aka Letron James) is the definition of Los Angeles nightlife. Moving from the Midwest, she's transformed into a delightfully wild child of the city of angels.

The electronica music scene isn’t going anywhere, and Letron will soon be on the deck of the biggest DJ around here. I met with Letron a few weeks ago to see an exclusive clip of her latest video to my (and soon to be yours too) favorite song, In the City, off her upcoming album dropping later in the year.

In the City is the official Los Angeles anthem for me, with Randy Newman’s I love L.A. a close second at the end of a wining Dodgers game.

letron 3

Letron is making headway quite fast, with just completing a show at the infamous Les Deux nightclub in Los Angeles, and the glamorous Kress Hollywood nightclub booked for August 1st. I recommend seeing here there if you want to really take advantage of one of the hottest clubs in the city, with one of the hottest new acts, my homegirl Letron.

That’s all for this edition of Artists to Watch For 2009, and I’ll leave you with the official video for Letron, In the City…floatin' miles abuuuuuhve all the streetlights…..

I love this song. Check her MySpace for the other gems!

Until next time my friends,


Michael Gleeson brings his talent to the table playing members of the guitar family, mainly the axe