My latest interviewee has been heard with the likes of Q-Tip,, Sergio Mendes, Sa-Ra, Ricky Martin and more; with her sultry, seductive voice with a gorgeous look to match. Shining bright like the name suggests, Debi Nova had me at hello when we got together recently to talk about life in Los Angeles, what’s next for the young songstress, and the answer to the question of just how sexy Ricky Martin actually is. Join me?

Flak: Hey Debi! How are you?

Debi Nova: Good! And how are you?

F: I’m doing quite well actually. It’s a nice day today. Are you in LA today?

DN: I am in LA, did you say you were in LA too?

F: Yeah I am.

DN: Nice! So you’re enjoying the beautiful weather…

Several lines of our cute small talk later…

F: So tell me what’s going on, I’ve been looking up what you’ve been up to, and I’m very impressed; and I’m happy you’re in the music game right now.

DN: Oh well thank you so much! Yeah I’m really excited to put out this record, which I think will come out at the end of April and… well I don’t know if you’ve heard any of it but it’s basically a combination of songs that I’ve written over the years, and it’s partly in Spanish; because I’m from Costa Rica. And I guess that’s what’s major about the album; combining those languages and… I’m excited!

F: Yeah I’ve heard parts of it actually. Drummer Boy, one of my favorite songs…. And I don’t know if I’m pronouncing this right but Cora… Corazon Abierto?

Post her laughing at my feeble attempt at Spanish

DN: Heh yeah Corazon Abierto!

F: Yeah…I’m working on it… but I love the guitar in that song. That song is amazing!

DN: Thank you thank you! That’s the idea, and I think that one of my goals for this album is that some people will learn some Spanish words you know? That would be really cool!

F: Yeah I think that would be cool too; especially in Los Angeles…it’s very Spanglish, and I’m still working on it myself. I keep telling myself I’m gonna learn…

DN: Yeah and it’s good if you live in LA!

F: So tell me, what’s your favorite song on the album? That track that everyone should be looking out for?

DN: Well I love all of them but hmmm… I really love all of them like they were my children but… I think the last song was very special to me because I wrote it at a time when I was a little bit disappointed with where my life was going and its song that means Get out of me…you know, my fears, and I really wanted to get them out of me.

F: And that song is called Get Out of Me?

DN: Well Leave Me…would be a better translation actually. Yeah Leave Me.

F: Awesome. And I’ve been looking at all the people who you’ve worked with, like Q-Tip, Will.I.Am, Illa J… the most interesting though, and the one that shocked me when I realized it, and I didn’t realize until a little before we did this interview, was that you worked with Sa-Ra (aka Sa-Ra Creative Partners), who are one of my favorite artists. I mean those guys are awesome!

DN: I did! And that was amazing because they’re…as you know they’re very special…they’re on their own…

F: Planet! Exactly!

DN: Yeah! And I was so fortunate to meet them! We were in the studio in downtown LA actually; at a house slash studio and it was just a very creative space, and for a while, I just loved to go there and get inspired and I remember I got there one day and Herbie Hancock just happened to be there..

F: Whaaaat?!

DN: Yeah! So yeah they were just really interesting and really inspiring guys to be around. All three of them and really deep into music and jazz…and were just really really interesting characters. And yeah they’re my friends and we did this thing called (I thought she was saying Space Street) Spacefruit.

I believe she was referring to the first track on the latest Sa-Ra album, which I reviewed several times.

F: So did you challenge Herbie Hancock to piano battles?

DN: Heh, I basically sat in a corner; star struck and trying to act cool, and shook his hand at the end of the session but ummm.. but it was a really nice treat for me actually.

F: That’s awesome. But a lot of lady friends were asking me, how sexy is Ricky Martin to dance with in person?


F: They watched videos of you guys dancing saying “she’s the luckiest girl on the planet!”

DN: Well I have to say, my job did not suck, that’s for sure.  I really enjoyed working with him, and besides the, you know physical parts of it, he’s also a wonderful person so that was also great; working with somebody who’s nice, humble, and a super human being.

F: How long have you lived in LA now?

DN: I’ve been here for about mmmm…seven years.

F: And you moved here when you were 16?

DN: Oh I moved here when I was 17. Right after high school.

Do the math gentleman. She may be the one for you! Actually, no matter what your age, she’s the one for anybody…

F: And also you went to the Los Angeles Music Academy correct?

DN: I did. I went there for a year, for singing and playing piano as well.

F: I also read that you play guitar, piano, bass, and a couple other things as well? What’s your favorite?

DN: Well piano is definitely my first love, because I’ve played piano since I was very very young… Four years old and so piano is my favorite just because I know it so well.

F: Aww I was hoping you’d say bass…I’m a bass player myself. But that’s ok. *tears*

DN: Well wait! The truth is, I started playing bass, and I think it’s the coolest instrument in the world…

F: It is!

DN:  Well it’s…it’s cool because it’s not only holding down the rhythm…I know drums hold rhythm, but really bass is the pillar I think of a good band.

What a sport. She tried to ease the blow.

F: Well I’m glad we have an understanding of that!

DN: HAHA! We do!

F: Alright alright… so of all the people….you’ve worked with a lot of random people who’ve toured the world doing sold out crowds… but who do you want to work with next over the next couple years?

DN: Oh…well I have a long list, but I would have to say at the top of my list would have to be Sting… another bass player… I’m just the biggest fan…

F: Oh I’m a huge fan as well…

DN: …yeah and he and I are label mates so maybe one day my dream will come true and I will work with Sting.

F: Yeah, and honestly, all it takes is a phone call, and you’re already have the in… you’re already on the label…so that’s better than what I’m working with.

DN: Heh I really hope so, cause I’m a big fan…but I don’t know if I’d be able to sustain my cool with him you know?  But I’m going to try for sure.

F: Wonderful!  Well I only have a couple more questions for you… have you ever been to the Coachella Music Festival before?

DN: I did! I’ve been there twice. I actually went last year.

F: Yeah me too…I didn’t see you there unfortunately.

DN: Heh it was really nice there.

F: Are you going again this year?

DN: I don’t think so. I don’t think my schedule will let me. But I would love to go. I actually just saw the lineup. Whose playing? Jay-Z…

F: The Gorillaz…

We went on at lengths about various artists we want to see, and the overall badass-ness of Coachella.

F: And so what about a tour for you? I just realized that Coachella is in April, the same month as your album, so it will be busy for you.

DN: I think that right now we’re just going to be doing promo for the album, and also we’ve been talking about a fall tour in maybe September-October. Although…. I just heard that we’ll possibly do the Lilith Fair… So I want to be able to perform in a couple of those (dates). That would be amazing.

F: That would be amazing and I’m hoping for that for you.

DN: Thank you!

F: Well that’s all I’ve got for you today, and hopefully when you guys do the tour we can come out and meet you and the band, and see everything you’ve been working on.

DN: Cool yeah we have some time so I’m sure we can do it.

F: Well thank you VERY much for talking to us today.

DN: No problem, thank you so much!

And there you have it kids. The alarming and disarming Debi Nova. If you haven’t already, check out her tunes on her MySpace and feel the Latin love right along with me. Shes also got her new video for my favorite song, Drummer Boy, so don't forget to check it out!

Until next time my friends,