You’d be hard pressed to find a soulful young singer that has such an amazing and different voice than that of British gem, Adele. She sings in a way that can’t really be characterize or compared to anyone in my vast catalogue of music.

The 22 year old British marvel just released her sophomore album, 21, and is named after the age she was when she wrote the album (I assume her first album, 19 was named similarly). Before I tell you my favorites, I wanted to share with you a dream concert:  Adele, Florence and the Machine, and Sia (Edit: who's in fact, Australian). A British boss lady powerhouse! Allow your mind to be blown with the notion.

First on my short list is the 8th track, I’ll Be Waiting. It’s a groovy, piano heavy funk track, with an uplifting energy that made me think Elton John was hanging out in the same room on the keys (premonition maybe?). A song about trying to win back the heart of the love she let get away, Adele crawls to her lover with a dance-mash force.

He Won’t Go was pure head bobbing R&B, with a slick bass line, and fluttering piano about it. The drums were also precise and crisp, following Adele’s words throughout the chorus. The 6th track, it deals with two lovers that despite what everyone says, and what seems right on paper, they can’t let each other go. After hearing so much about how heartbroken the songstress is, I imagine it was damn near impossible to write this track.

You most likely guessed my (and the world’s) favorite track on this album. Rolling in the Deep has one of the catchiest choruses in years, and I’ve found myself playing the song on repeat. The first track of the album, it talks about a simple concept: taking the heart of a lover and playing it downright dirty. The song has a simple message…you fucked up, dude. I can’t really describe how great the song is, so take a look at the equally impressive music video and see what I’m talking about.

21 is out now, and Adele starts her tour on May 12th in our nation’s capitol. Tickets are on sale now, and I guarantee will sell out, so put your money up and check out this hot mama!

Until next time my friends,