Last night gave us the opportunity to get up close and personal, with Los Angeles Indie Rockers, A House for Lions at the Echo.  These newcomers began with front man Daniel Norman in the song writing process back in 2009 after spending time abroad in Germany to clear his head from life’s plights. From there, almost exactly a year ago, Daniel met up with guitarist Mike Nissen, who in turn introduced Daniel to upright bassist Eric McCann.

The boys just released their first EP, I Want Us to Be Remembered, and from what I heard last night, it’s good shit. The first thing I took away from Daniel was his energy, and passion to get everyone into the groove with him. He warned that he’d injured his foot earlier in the day, and couldn’t dance while on stage, but if what I saw was injured, then the man’s got stage presence for days. With guitar in hand, he played out a picture of what was in his heart, his eyes closed in compassion for a majority of the set. He even took time out to tell us how fucking awesome we were. Plus.

After getting over the fact that guitarist Mike Nissen looks like a young Paul Giamatti, I honed in on his shredding skills, and appreciated the funk he brought to the mainly Blues/Folk feel of the band. Seamlessly flowing in and out of the timing of their guest drummer (whose name I don’t know at the moment), he had an outstanding performance.

Upright bassist Eric McCann was impressive to watch, mainly because of how effortlessly he made it seem to go from a rough sound with finger plucks on the monster bass, to taking out the bow and bringing a softer string element all within the same song. To date I don’t think I’ve seen such a transition in song with an upright.

My favorite song of the night, was sadly one I can’t remember the name to. Night….something, it was the second to last song of the set, so if you readers know the name (or if Eric sees fit to remind me), then let me know. Sadder still, is my favorite song is apparently not on the EP, so no luck there. The upshot however, is that if the EP is great, and my favorite song wasn’t even on it, then the band has much to offer us in the future.

They’ve worked hard, and produced with Local Natives producer Raymond Richards, and have already caught the attention of U2 and Weezer producer Garret “Jacknife” Lee. Check out their website for more information on their upcoming LA dates and information on their EP!

Until next time my friends,