I'm doing a collab effort with those boys from Dirty Heads to get you some free stuff, so check it out. Email me your favorite Dirty Heads moment (whether at a concert, or just had the crew playing in the background) to enter, and April 5th I'll pick the lucky winner of the following:

- (1) Dirty Heads Skullcandy headphones

- (1) Skullcandy Necklace - http://www.skullcandy.com/shop/skull-necklace-antique.html

- (1) Skullcandy Wristband - http://www.skullcandy.com/shop/sweatband-black.html

And if you haven't already, check the video for Lay Me Down.

"Lay Me Down" Direct Link: http://www.vevo.com/watch/dirty-heads/lay-me-down/USAL51020174 Also, their new album Any Port in a Storm drops soon, so get that presale going people!

Any Port in a Storm Special Edition Presale Link: http://interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=177936&

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/dirtyheads

Good Luck and I look forward to picking the winner.

Until next time my friends,