With the holiday season upon us, Behind the Hype has decided to also partake in the season of giving. There are over 150 Behind the Hype license plate frames left, and we are more than happy to give them away for free. If you have ever stopped by the site, or are a new visitor, and like what you read here, then we'd love for you to sport one of our free license plate frames. Keep in mind these were not free to make, and we'll also cover shipping costs...so if you ask for me please actually put it on your ride / whip / car / motorcoach - however you like to call it. If you do put one to use, we also ask that you take a couple pictures so that we can make a photo gallery of them. We will of course blur out your license plate itself, if you are not privy in doing it yourself. Please send your requests, with your name & address to rmtc@behindthehype.com.

All that being said, here is the lovely Fierce Pussy (in her Cosby sweater) showing off these beautiful license plate frames:

BehindtheHype.com's Fierce Pussy Really Loves these Frames
Would you Look at that Craftsmanship?