The Rack is stacked - get it? Thanks. Anyhow...The Rack is a pool hall / bar / restaurant located at 6100 Topanga Canyon Blvd #2160 Woodland Hills, CA. Unlike ONE Sunset, even though The Rack has many faces, it is pretty good at each, with the restaurant section clearly segmented away from the pool hall / bar section. It is pretty much whatever you want it to be, whenever you need - restaurant by day, sports bar for NFL / NCAA games, or a pool hall / bar for some fun nightlife.

The Rack: Pool Hall / Sports Bar / Restaurant

This is a fun spot in an otherwise dead part of the San Fernando Valley, which is conveniently located right next to the AMC 16 theater, so you can either get nice and toasty before a movie, or make it a movie / pool date. Their drink specials are very appealing for those on a budget, but they also offer top shelf selection. Bartenders and waitresses are laid back and friendly, and you won't be waiting forever to get your drink on.

The Delicious Pool Hall Area

We were at The Rack on a Saturday night, and while it was busy I wouldn't say it was packed. The crowd is mixed with some people dressing up while others don't give a shit. Plenty of decent-looking people to pick from; no super hotties like a Hollywood type establishment, but you will not be disappointed by the selection. Music is all controlled by the building, and they played a nice array of 90s and present day favorites. You will notice some really cool images on the walls, including this one I really enjoyed:

Painting of Jazz Band Playing on the Wall

I found it kind of funny that they had to really lay out their "dress code" by etching it on the glass next to the front door. In case you are concerned, this is what it said:

Dress Code enforced after 6pm. Buttoned Shirts Preferred

  • No Tank Tops
  • No Caps
  • No Overly Baggy Pants
  • No Team Apparel
  • No Printed T-Shirts
  • No foul language tolerated

That last one makes me chuckle, and I love chuckling. If you thought I was joking about their drink specials earlier, check out just a few of the ones I jotted down:

  • $5 Premium Long Island Ice Tea - All Day / Every Day
  • $3 Jose Cuervo Margaritas - All Day / Every Day
  • $3 American Honey Shots - 8p.m to 9pm / 10pm to 11pm / 12am to 1am
  • $5 Bee Sting Shots (Wild Turkey Whiskey + American Honey Liqueur) - 8p.m to 9pm / 10pm to 11pm / 12am to 1am
  • $5 Irish Honey Shots (Jameson Irish Whiskey + American Honey Liqueur) - 8p.m to 9pm / 10pm to 11pm / 12am to 1am
  • $3 Coors Light Draft $20 Buckets of 6 Coors Banquet Bottles - During NFL Games Mondays / Thursdays / Sundays
  • $20 Buckets of 6 Miller Lite & Miller Genuine Draft 64 Bottles - During all NCAA Games Saturdays
  • I took a short video before I got too hammered to operate my camera. Have a look at The Rack for yourself:

    The Rack is definitely a place I would go back to, and I did shortly after to try out their grub. Main reason I had to go back to try out the restaurant section was because they stop serving food at 10p.m., which is not too unusual for a multi-faceted place. Being a huge fan of macaroni & cheese (I know - I have an exotic tongue), I had to give their "world famous" Rack Mac a whirl. It wasn't bad, but the cheese was a bit too zesty for me. We also had their wings, which were scrumptious, and my buddy, The Good Reverend, seemed to enjoy his burger as well.

    The Rack's Restaurant Section

    Truth be told, I only have two small gripes with The Rack, but I might be just searching for something. One thing I didn't like was that they didn't have a designated smoking area, which means whenever you walk in or out you are faced with shuffling through the random smokers outside. The other thing I wasn't too keen on was that the restaurant section is technically outdoors (kind of), but it is basically all enclosed, with only a small portion of the overhead not being covered by a roof. Just seems like that's a bad idea even for the 6 times a year it rains in Los Angeles. All in all, I'd say their motto is pretty spot on from what I experienced:

    Where Entertainment and Fine Dining Collide

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