Our last time out to Springbok, after I picked up my new digital camera, meant that I could actually take some pictures of the bar "in action" if you will. It would have been more crowded, but we went on a pretty windy night, which in Los Angeles means no one leaves the house, and if they do, they are not going somewhere with outside seating. If you want more information about the bar, please see my review. First up is an exterior shot of the side of the building. Nothing really interesting about this, but you will just have to deal:

The Magical Outside of Springbok

As I mentioned in my other review, the outside patio is huge, and usually full of fun-loving drunks, and cigarette smokers alike. Here is what it looks like as you enter the patio, from the street:

Springbok has a Sexy Patio

And now let us suppose you are not too cowardly to step inside the patio, and take a look. This is what you would see; although the dog (lower left corner) is a pretty strange sight:

Where the Cool Kids Creep About

The interior has a really laid-back look to it, and it is decorated to the brim with rugby / football memorabilia, and random beer signs / mirrors. A couple images of the main dining / drinking area inside the bar:

Drunks Having Fun A Tame Night

Springbok offers a pretty thorough selection of beers on draft, and they have a wide variety of alcohol, for any type of liver. I sneaked in a picture while the two hot bartenders were 69'ing on the other side; in retrospect, perhaps I should have taken a picture of that. Oh well.

Alcohol - Why I Piss Blood Every Morning

I would explain this last picture, but I think it just works better being left up to your imagination:

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

This should (hopefully) give you a better idea of what kind of place Springbok is, and what it can turn into for you and yours. Sorry - I just could not resist the chance of saying, "...you and yours." Until next time, kids!

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