Les Deux is a bar / club located at 1638 N Las Palmas Ave Hollywood, CA 90028. Let me start by saying this was not an easy place to find. It is about five buildings south of Hollywood boulevard, on the west side of the Las Palmas, but the entrance is inside of their parking lot. To be sure, it is a strange setup, but I am no longer mystified by the unique (often times mind-boggling) quirks of bars and clubs in Hollywood. Along for this wild ride were BehindtheHype.com's very own Casey Cupcakes and Fierce Pussy. I guess if you are going to go to a Hollywood bar on a Monday night, what better way than with a couple beautiful friends?

Casey Cupcakes: Are you really that small? Fierce Pussy: He really IS that small!

Les Deux is a deceivingly-large venue for two reasons. The first, and most obvious, is that most places in Hollywood just are not that big, and the second is just the way the bar is laid out. Looking at it from an aerial eye-view, it would look like a long rectangle. When you first walk through the entrance, you are at outside lounge area of the bar. There are booths, with tables, setup and a cute fountain in the middle. Personally, I do not think the fountain matches the theme of the place, but who am I to tell Hollywood how it should roll?

The Fountain Really Ties the Room Together, Dude

The outside area, which I suppose also acts as the "front" of the bar, if there needs to be a "front", was by far the most crowded. This could be due to people wanting to smoke their cigarettes and weed, or merely because they were unaware there was more to this bar than meets the eye. Being the thorough reviewer (read: designated driver aka bored) that I am, I scoped out the entire place.

The Music is too Good to Dance to

There is a bar for the outside area which was super busy, but if you walk another five feet to the first segment of the building, there was another bar, which was much less busy. This first interior segment also sported booths/tables along the walls, and had some disjointed tables and chairs all throughout the middle portion of the room. The music associated with the outside area would be what you would listen to / dance to in this first room.

Awe & Slendor that is the Empty First Room

Now you continue walking, and reach a hallway. Being the master labyrinth-solver that I am, the bar's maze was no match for me. This hallway joined the first and second rooms, and is also where you will find the doors to the bathrooms. Another thing that did not seem to fit, in my opinion, was there was a guy serving people in the men's bathroom. Unfortunately, by "serving" I am not referring to 2-for-1 handjobs, but merely paper towels, gum, cologne, etc. This just did not seem like the sort of place that would necessitate having this guy there, nor do I think he sees much action. And by "action" I of course do not mean tips, and do mean 69'ing in the stalls.

The Minotaur is Hungry, so Make it Fast

Assuming you make it past the Minotaur, you are greeted by an interesting surprise in the second room. There is a live band playing in the second room, and the second room also has it's own bar. I spoke with one of the waiters, Matt, and he gave me the skinny on the live band situation. Apparently there is only a live band on Mondays, which is when it is Rock night. Truth be told, while the live band was nothing special, the selection of music in the outside area was really good. For every night other than Monday, there is a second DJ spinning in the second room, and from what Matt tells me, the music is typically better in the second room. If the bar is not busy enough, they will usually close off that room, to artificially create a feeling of "busy."

Owning a Guitar does not Make you a Guitarist, Chief

Besides the "front" outside area, and the two rooms inside, there is also a third interior segment, which is upstairs. The upstairs room is small, so it is pretty cozy, with a non-functional fireplace. Without trying to investigate the origin of the building for Les Deux, my gut instinct is they just retrofitted an old house into a bar. What makes me think that, beyond the fireplace, is that part of the upstairs section are floor-to-ceiling doors that overlook the outside area.

Space Cakes not Recommended in Upstairs Room

The part I liked most about the bar was that along the south wall of the building is a long walk-way that stretches from the the second room to the "front" outside area. I imagine this comes in handy if the bar is really packed, and you do not feel like swimming through a sea of people. Plus it adds an additional element of an outside atmosphere, so if it is getting too hot inside, or you just feel like some air, you can do so pretty easily. I should add that it was not hot inside, but it was also not packed at the time.

This is Where they Hide/Eat the Bodies

As I mentioned earlier, Monday is Rock night. Tuesday is Hip Hop night, and the rest of the week is a mix of dance music and top 40 hits. If this place was not in Hollywood, I think it would definitely be a cool spot for me to go to somewhat frequently. I am certainly not a Hollywood type of party guy, and there is little I hate more than having to get "dressed up" to have a good time. On top of that facet, I really cannot stand the sort of people that Les Deux draws in. Without coming off too judgmental of other people, let's just say the Hollywood crowd was there in full effect, and I do not mix well with the Hollywood crowd.

That being said, if the Hollywood crowd is your thing, I certainly see no reason for you not to enjoy your time at Les Deux. It is a unique, huge venue, with good music, and a large parking lot connected to it. Sure, you have to pay for parking, but if you are lucky enough to find street parking (which did not take long, but we certainly did get lucky), then you are golden. It is a trendy place, and draws a pretty fake, pretentious, Hollywood crowd (could not resist some amount of judgment), that needs to wear dark sunglasses at 1 a.m. (indoors, no less). But like I said, if the Hollywood crowd is your thing - and you would who you are - then by all means check out Les Deux. For someone into places more like dive bars and lounges, stay far far away. If you would be into a mix of a lounge, and Les Deux, you might like ONE Sunset, which is also in Hollywood. Check out my review of ONE Sunset to see if it is more up your alley.

Think again if you think a night out with Casey Cupcakes and Fierce Pussy does not have some shenanigans involved. As we walk back to the car, Casey decides (under my direction) to steal the flag from the parking attendant. Unbeknownst to us, he saw as the crime went down, and quickly caught up with us. At least he was nice enough to take a sexy picture with the ladies:

The Threesome on the Sidewalk was SEXY

Do not expect an explanation for this closing video, because there really is nothing I can say that will make much sense of it. I just recommend watching it, and staying happily confused.

I will not go into what this event as all about at Les Deux, but instead I will leave that up to Casey Cupcakes' up-coming article, as she was who invited Fierce Pussy and myself.

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