busbysEver had an urge to play drunk skee ball?

If so, did the idea of pre-gaming before the arcade turn you off? (C'mon — this is L.A. and you have to drive everywhere — who the hell pre-games?)

Does getting wasted at a Chuck-E-Cheese's just seem wrong?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, look no further.

Looking at the crowd outside the door and on the patio on weekend nights, you might think that Busby's West is a club, and the people that pack into the bar like sardines on Fridays and Saturdays to dance on the world's smallest roped-off dance floor probably think so as well. Come there on an "off-peak" time, however, and you'll discover its true nature — an arcade for grown ups (no, not that kind, ya perv).

First, there's the game room, which features skee ball, pinball and fooseball, among other attractions (including a cabinet of board games: I've never utilized it, but if you ever want to pound tequila shots over a game of Risk and get out of the house, this is the place). Then, there are the true gems: a ping pong room (with a beer pong table option, if you don't mind getting carried out of there) and 2 free pool tables (I know!). TVs are everywhere, in sports bar numbers, so if watching the game is what you seek, you'll be more than happy (the crowds aren't that bad during sporting events — I've yet to have to wait for a seat).

The beers are cheap ($5 domestic, $5.50 imports) and plentiful, (9 taps) and the full bar should be able to satisfy most of your liquor needs. The food's a mixed bag: the menu's on the pricy side, and the ambitiously gourmet-sounding dishes (like the seared ahi sandwich) tend to be disappointing; stick to the bar food however, and you'll be impressed.

The Facts:

Address: 3110 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica, CA, 90404

Parking: $3.50 valet at night, but usually parking on Santa Monica Blvd. is easy to find.

Happy Hour: M–F, 3:00 – 7:00 pm; $3 beers and house wines, $4-5 appetizers.

Notable Events: Sunday night trivia (8ish or whenever the game's over) followed by drunken Rock Band.

Monday night karaoke (go at your own risk).

AuthorBTH Staff
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