Backstage is a dive bar, which hosts a slightly older crowd, located across the street from Sony studios at 10400 Culver Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232. You will find that everyone there is in their late 20s to late 30s. Definitely easy to pick up a random horny soul, as most the girls and guys are pretty DTF. My buddy Nick has been at this bar several times, and he labels it a "meat market". I include Nick's explanation for those wondering:

Backstage is a meat market. You know how you go to the meat market and you can pick any piece of meat you want? Well, if I want to fuck a random bar skank, I go to Backstage.

Outside of Backstage Bar

Being my first time at Backstage, I was a tad bit confused to start. We get there, wait outside for about 15 minutes, and get inside to a packed bar. Nick says of all the times he has been there, that was the only time he saw a line, but bear in mind it was a Friday night. Inside, I start looking around, scoping the place out and there are simply no attractive people. Everyone is pretty average - men and women - which I have never seen at a bar. Not really a bunch of ugly people, just a bunch of average, otherwise fly-under-the-radar type of people. Average looking people, I have found your chill spot. It is not something to be ashamed of - I am not exactly Johnny Attractive myself. It is merely the hand you were dealt, no biggie.

80s Music + Karaoke = Madness

They were running karaoke while we were there, which I normally do not see at a full-blown dive bar. There is a dance floor, which is pretty tiny, so many people were just dancing where they were standing. Since the bar is not all that large itself, you will always be submerged in the sound of the music. Another slightly out-of-place element is the photo booth in the back of the bar, which did not see any action while we were there. That being said, I am sure it has seen it's fair share of average looking people trying to pose sexy, and coming up just short every time.

Photo Booth is Home to Many Lonely Stares

One of the waitresses explained to me that karaoke is only on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Wednesday nights is when they have live music, which I can only assume is a shitty local band, and judging by the music people were karaoke-ing to while we were there, it will more than likely be an 80's cover band. Tuesday nights they call "regulars" nights, which means $2 dollar well drinks all night long; it also probably means a sea of average looking people getting absolutely shit house. Delicious.

As far as the music being all 80's songs - it certainly fits the age range of the crowd - so it seemed to "flow" well, if you will. They offer a pretty full menu, for a dive bar, with various sandwiches, salads and entrees. I did not take advantage of the meal option, but many people ordered food while we were there, which leads me to believe that the food is either half-way decent, or at least bearable while you are blitzed.

Menu - Sandwiches, Salads & Entrees Menu - Appetizers & Burgers

The really strange thing to me was the lack of attractive people - I cannot shake the fact that there was not a looker in the house - on a Friday night of all nights! Certainly if you are lonely, looking for a warm body, then you could easily take care of your needs at Backstage. But isn't the point of picking up on people at a dive bar that you have some chance of scoring some puss (or cock) that is normally out-of-your-league?

Average Looking People Getting their Groove on

Truth be told, while we were there, there was one pretty girl I saw, but she ended up being one of the waitresses. If you are one of those guys that likes picking up on waitresses (the forbidden fruit!), then you probably have some decent odds of scratching that itch at Backstage, since it isn't exactly stiff competition. My only other qualm about the bar, besides the average looking people, was that the music was too loud. I am admittedly not a big 80's fan myself, so that might sway my opinion a bit.

Guess what?  More Average Looking People!

All-in-all, Backstage is a decent dive bar which can get you laid with some average looking people. If you like 80's music, karaoke, and do not mind partially screaming over the music all night, then you will have a blast. Believe me, there were plenty of people rocking the fuck out all over the bar.