You might find yourself in quite a few unusual scenarios in this life, and there's only one artist with the song catalogue to perfectly define them all. Below are the twenty Madonna songs for any conceivable event. Oh, the horror (of life)!

20) "Like A Virgin”: When you’re having sex for the second to fifth time in your life .

19) "Take A Bow": For when you want to cut yourself but still feel elegant.

18) “Into the Groove”: When you’re snorting coke.

17) “Express Yourself”: When you’re trying to get a promotion.

16) “Erotica”: When you’re trying to bring the spice back into your relationship.

15) “Hollywood”: When you’re driving through Hollywood as you have the epiphany that you need to move.

14) “Sorry”: When you’re about to break up with someone.

13) “Material Girl”: When you’re shopping.

12) “Live to Tell”: When you’ve just robbed a convenience store.

11) “Bedtime Story”: When you’re experimenting with methadone.

10) “Beautiful Stranger”: Before you get roofied.

9) “Nothing Really Matters”: When you’re having an existential crisis.

8) “Borderline”: When you’re traveling from California to Mexico.

7) “Die Another Day”: When you’ve just had a failed suicide attempt.

6) “Girl Gone Wild”: When you’re “in da club.”

5) "Drowned World/Substitute For Love": When you're justifying why you've started to go out to bars less and less.

4) “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”: When you’re leaving Argentina as a tourist or being deported there as an illegal resident of somewhere else.

3) "Like A Prayer”: When you’re getting in touch with your spiritual, cross-burning side.

2) “Who’s That Girl”: When you’ve recently gotten amnesia.

1) “Vogue”: When you feel like embracing a dance craze that incorporates celebrity names.

So there you are. No matter how boring or multi-faceted your life may be, surely one of the songs on this list will apply to you.


For some, the fall/winter season is a magical time where beautiful foliage falls from the trees and savory dishes like pies are made. But for other, more normal people, it is a time when you just want to curl into a fetal position in your bed and stay there for the foreseeable future. Naturally, The Smiths are a go-to during this time, and are featured accordingly on this list, but there are also a few other songs you might want to add to your mourning playlist this season. Wintertime Sadness.

10) "New Dawn Fades," Joy Division: Moody, robust and utterly entrancing, "New Dawn Fades" is a poetic, probing search for meaning over mistakes made. Ian Curtis sings, "Different colors, different shades/Over each mistakes were made/I took the blame." It's the perfect way to start out a bleak winter day.

9) "Rape Me," Nirvana: Obviously, the song title alone is enough to make you feel a bit queasy (unless, of course, you're a Ted Bundy type), but it's also Kurt Cobain's earnest invitation to rape him that makes you feel particularly bad about yourself. And then he tells you to do it again. It's a great self-esteem booster.

8) "Invisible," Skylar Grey: A bit of a curveball for its upbeat pop song nature, "Invisible" is a song that explores hating yourself and then hating yourself even more for trying to be something you're not. Lyrics like, "Every day I try to look my best, even though inside I'm such a mess," generally encapsulate what it's like to go to work during the winter.

7) "Asleep," The Smiths: No list of self-loathing songs would be complete without The Smiths. "Asleep" not only expresses a desire to go to sleep on a permanent basis, but also the belief that "there is another world, there is a better world/oh, there must be." That better world is spring.

6) "Numbers," Soft Cell: If your number one way to keep warm during the winter is by having sex, then this is the song for you. It will make you feel especially remorseful and regretful for your choices.

5) "New York I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down," LCD Soundsystem: Maybe this song is only resonant for people who live in New York City, but, luckily, most of the U.S. population lives here.

4) "Under Your Spell," Desire: Obsessing over someone during the winter is the worst. Because there's nothing else to do to take your mind off of it.

3) "Foreground," Grizzly Bear: This song isn't just self-loathing because one only associates it with Blue Valentine, but also because one associates it with forcing yourself to "take on another shift" at work."

2) "Foolish Games," Jewel: Jewel is an apparent choice for feeling depressed, but "Foolish Games" possesses a particular strain of melancholia that only someone in a toxic relationship can know. Wishing to have the courage to escape from her loved one, Jewel notes, "Always felt I was outside, looking in on you."

1) "Hurt," Johnny Cash: Cash's cover of Nine Inch Nails is indubitably the best song for self-mutilation this season.


Recently, I interviewed Jonny Law of Warner Drive, check out the interview here! The band, just off of a very Warner Drive Tameasuccessful tour in Europe, came home to a crazy night at The Roxy. They threw one hell of  a party and fans of all all ages came out to welcome them home. Read up on them here! Hit up one of their shows for some drinks a great show and always high energy fun!

Enjoy some photos from




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No-Troubadour-1-Tamea I always a welcome a night out at The Troubadour and last Thursday, it was a packed house for the Red-bull Sound Selects show. Any show where the audience is hopped up on Red-bull has to be fun right!? Outside the venue I was in line with some OC actors from the WB young hottie era of WB TV and their friends. That said, inside, the audience was filled with pretty Echo Park hipsters and Hollywood concert lovers and I'm glad it was! When I made my way in, I caught the tale end of a great set by James Supercave before I went upstairs to  join the boys of NO. James Supercave is deservedly one of LA's quickly rising stars, and we'll be watching closely!  Well done on the line up, Red bull!

Following James Supercave, the audience was worked up and ready for a night of more great music, but they lost No-Troubadour-6-Tameasome of the momentum when the DJ jumped on stage. When a DJ can keep the party going, I am all for it. Unfortunately, the Dj sat behind a card table with a computer and complained about his roommates. Not to worry, the night was not lost and the audience was quickly back in the mix! The party resumed with the guys of NO on stage. Stay with Me always has the audience singing and dancing along. A favorite of mine, So Scared, from the upcoming album, was a a lovely moment in the set. The guys played a few from the EP, still available at, and some from the upcoming album and the audience loved the mix. Following NO, Yacht, also a favorite, put on a hell of a show and the audience errupted in screams when Jona Bechtolt came on stage with her platform sneakers and fantastic stage fashion.

Prepping to release their newest album, NO has been working hard in nearby Echo Park and around the world in an impressive list of shows this summer on the European festival circuit. Europe, for the moment behind them, their travels are not done. The band will be headed up the coast this week. If you are here on the west coast, be sure to make it out to one of the upcoming shows. If you are in LA and  missed out on this Troubadour show, make sure to visit them when they play with The Naked and Famous later this month and next (Dates are below).

September 6th - Cafe Du Nord - SanFrancisco, CA

September 8th - Launch Festival - Sacramento, CA

September 11th - Mississippi Studios - Portland, OR

September 12th - Barboza - Seattle, WA

September 13th - Rifflandia Festival - Victoria, BC

September 14th - Electric owl - Vancouver, CAN

September 25th - House of Blues w/ The Naked and Famous - San Diego, CA

September 27th - The Wiltern w/ The Naked and Famous - Los Angeles, CA

October 26th - The Fox Theater w/ The Naked and Famous - Pomona, CA

No-Troubadour-12-TameaTill next time,

Cheers and see you at the show!

Ohio Simon Oscroft NO mike walker NOGG-No-Tamea12 No-Troubadour-10-Tamea

Photos by Tamea at Photobytamea.comGG-No-Tamea14

The Dead Ships Photobytamea.comThe Roxy has had some great dance shows recently but this past weekend it had a good old fashioned mosh pit. Though really it was just about 10 guys in a circle bouncing off of eachother. It was the kind of little mosh pit you could almost stand in and not really get hit. They were trying though. A for effort boys! The show was a bit of a mid-week night biker convention of sorts with a long time friend's retro bike club helping throw the party. Showing up on your bike saved you some cash and gave you a great place for the night. They seemed to have fun taking over the Roxy for a night. There were more helmets on the couches than I have ever seen there. The band that was playing when I walked in sounded a little bit like the angry guy on the street on Sunset. I talked with friends and was happy to know that the next band, Dead Ships was coming up shortly. A few more bikers came in as The Dead Ships made their way to the stage. Dead Ships put on a great show and were the highlight of the night. Though Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 10.54.59 PMno attempted moshing for them. Devlin McCluske, the frontman of the trio puts on quite a show and brings out the emotion and energy for the band. Dancing and singing along with the guys, the audience had a blast with the Dead Ships.  The room was all smiles and between sets, adult film star April O'Neal was the guest DJ. She put on a kick ass set and I think brought out some Dr.Who remixes.

A little note about the venue: The Roxy recently added a photo booth. Just a note to users, it is not as private as you think! Without trying, we saw one girl posing alone in the booth coming out with what I can only guess were butt shots, and one couple who very literally let everything hang out. Do what you've gotta do! Have Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 11.01.45 PMfun in there! But know, that whoever is sitting on the couches outside the booth can see you and is probably laughing. Not that we would ever make fun... not ever!

For more information on The Dead Ships and a sample of their music, visit their site here. Head out to one of their shows. They are one of the LA Echo Park bands to keep an eye on.


Cheers and til next time!


Photos by Tamea at

Superhumanoids photobytamea.comOn August 6th, Superhumanoids released their new album, Exhibitionists, via Innovative Leisure. To celebrate, the trio is sharing a remix of album highlight "Bad Weather" by young UK-based producer Tropics. Superhumanoids also received a remix of "Too Young For Love" by LA-based House producer Suzanne Kraft which can be heard below.

 On Friday night The Superhumanoids kicked off their tour with the sold out record release show.  The tour, starting on September 4th, will be with support by Mayor Hawthorn and will take the band over North America.

Tour Dates:
09.05.13 | MONTREAL, QC | LA TULIPE *
09.25.13 | AUSTIN, TX | EMO'S *



A fascination for electronic sounds, instruments, pedals, and more, aesthetically united Max, Sarah, and Cameron. The band has been working with their R&B backgrounds and electronic music to bring out their talents


The band describes the new album as the soundtrack to Los Angeles in the twilight hours. It is available for your listening pleasure now!



(August 6th, Innovative Leisure)

01. Black Widow

02. Geri

03. Canteen

04. So Strange

05. Too Young For Love

06. A Gjost

07. Free State

08. Bad Weather

09. See It All

10. Do You Feel That?

Vanaprasta photobytamea.comJoining the band at the Troubadour, Echo Park's Vanaprasta also took to the stage with new music and put on a great show. My personal favorite 9 equals 9 was accompanied by new music that the band has been hiding away and recording for the past while. "We're glad to be back!" And Vanaprasta, we're glad to have you back!



Photos by Tamea at

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tumblr_mqnstrL9IE1qczsa8o1_500Cherry Poppin' Daddies turned The Roxy into a full swing dance club last Thursday! Everyone brought out their dancing shoes and amazing retro swing outfits. No one was half assing it, people were soaked in sweat and grinning from ear to ear by the end of the set. People were even dancing on the sidewalk outside the venue. The isle had guys in hats and vests and girls in polka dotted dresses dancing the night away. The opening bands did a great job warming up the audience but the main attraction was undoubtidly the Daddies. A brass section gave a full big band sound and an old time dance feel. Known for their 1997 swing hit Zoot Suit Riot, the band has filled the swing niche that I am very happy has survived. tumblr_mqnvfgQ5Iy1qczsa8o3_r1_500Frontman, Steve Perry, worked the stage and danced the entire night. Some girls nearly rushed the stage when he started hip thrusting and stage flirting with the front row.

Formed in 1989, the band has been perfecting the swing and ska combo with a fantastic brass section that separates them from the rest. The songs are usually a satyricall take on darker themes like alcoholism, class struggle and always lighter musical themes like sex with "bow legged women". I loved the comedically dark lyrics mixed with the upbeat dance music. The guys are currently on tour supporting their July 13th release of White Teeth, tumblr_mqnvfgQ5Iy1qczsa8o2_500Black Thoughts, their second album release since they officially reunited in 2002. "Americana" songs in rockabilly and rhythm and blues styles, fill the album and if you want to go out dancing, please hit up one of their shows! Try some dancing!

Till next time,

See you at the show!


(All photos by

Picture 110As I write this review I am sitting here with headphones on and The Crash Kings blaring. Sometimes a band grows on you, sometimes they don't and on rare and lovely occasions, their first few notes blow you away. The Crash Kings are the latter. The Troubadour was filled with hipster Hollywood, the smell of weed and more hat with non-prescription glasses than I remember seeing outside Silverlake. When the band came out the audience erupted in screams. I had never seen them play live but I was told that I would love them. I wanted to see for myself. They more than met my expectations. Playing the first few notes took over the venue and I was sold. I've had Lonely War in my head since. It is a song with piano driven rock tones and a lovely story. The band, while they put on a great show at the Troubadour, has a big venue feel with a dark an intimate tone. The tow the line between old school rock and new school piano infused pop. They have removed the guitar from the band and while this has been done in the past, they are the only ones that I know of in the up and coming scene using the "Whammy bar" with a piano. The official name of the "whammy bar" is a castlebar and it sits a top (and inside) the clavinet and bends the notes to get the crazy guitar like sound. It is a unique and musically and visually something you should experience. Picture 115

If I were to make a movie from their music it would be a dark noir with Lonely War as the theme. It would be an amazing movie! Can someone make it, please?! Lonely War was my favorite of the night. It was an amazing reminder of the beautiful addition that a Piano can be to a rock trio. The band, with their new drummer, will be hitting the road for a three month North American tour. See them when they get to you! Their show at the Troubadour was the kickoff and new album celebration. Lead vocalist, Antonio Beliveau, joked, "This is our kickoff show. It's a little bit of a practice!" They pulled of one hell of a practice. I hope to see them in a larger venue soon.


Opening band Atomic Tongues, put on a great set warming up the audience. I'd be happy to see them again as well as they continue their travels.

Till next time,

See you at the shows!


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A few weeks ago I went to the Satellite and was happy that the line up brought me some more music to enjoy. Hotel Cinema was great so I was happy to see them again this weekend at El Cid. After making friends at the bar and meeting up with some old ones, the music got started and we made it inside for the show. The band puts on an energetic but also very emotional set. The songs come seem to come from personal experiences that we can all relate to but they are expressed beautifully.

Picture 70

After the set, I spoke with Keeley, lead vocals, about the band. Their writing style has an electronic based strategy but changes from song to song.
The writing process changes, sometimes I'll start something on piano or guitar and bring it to Mark and we'll finish it that way. Other times he'll start building some crazy sounds in ProTools and we'll build from there- but we always develop the fullidea together by recording it/producing it and then bringing it to our band.
 The band members have known eachother for quite some time, but they have not always been making music together.
Mark and I knew each other while attending college in Boston, but didn't start making music together until we both separately moved to LA. At one point, I was just experimenting by writing some weird vocal/barritone ukulele things to old silent films (Rabbit Hole- the first track from our EP was done this way to the first film adaptation of Alice in Wonderland from 1903). I showed Mark and it just kind of clicked. He brings the really interesting compositional soundscapes from his film scoring background and I bring the songwriting/lyrical aspect from mine to the sound. I think we're both just really drawn to weird sounds, so it works out!
With strong support from the LA radio scene, the band has been making a name for themselves.  We'll have some things to look forward to in the coming year.
We released our debut EP in January and got some instant KCRW play, which was pretty awesome. Picture 73Since then, we've been playing shows pretty consistently in LA and a few in San Francisco with our band. (Steve Bone on drums, Ricky Bakken on bass & Greg Martin on guitars). We're currently in the process of making our follow up record, but will be playing pretty consistently in the LA area as we do that. You can expect a music video for "Haunting," pretty soon as well as some new singles probably in the fall.
For yet another great upcoming LA based band, keep an eye on these guys. See you at the show!
Till next time,
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Picture 59I don't know why I have not made Hemingway's my nightly spot. I love this place! Ladies, the guys have some great and not so frequently used pick up lines if you are curious. To be able to be surrounded by dusty old books while a front man plays screaming guitar on the floor of the stage, makes it a great venue and the shows I've seen there have been a blast. The guys of Falling Still put on a always entertaining show and had the girls dancing in the bar and just short of jumping on stage. Their "I'm Pissed" video release party last night was just that, a fun night out and a party with the band. They used a video screen to present their newly finished video while they played the song live. The video, a mushroom and weed induced dreamscape in the woods. It Picture 57looked like a fun day of hiking with music and a human sized 'shroom. I turned to a friend in the audience who giggle that it was a "trip", pun very much intended. The guys are Silverlake hipsters meet Nirvana era grunge. Many of their songs are dirty rock's new takes on the grunge era of music. They describe them selves as old school rock and sweaty drunken good times, so head out to their next show and enjoy! The party was just a preview and when the video releases, I will be sure to post the trippy little  tour through the woods with the guys. I spoke with frontman, after the show and always enthusiastic, he was happy to have another successful show in Hollywood. As always, we bonded over Ohio and our love of LA. Cheers fellow mid-westerners!


Till Next time,



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On I night I was supposed have off, like the true live music addict that I a have become, I Photobytamea.commade my way, with friends, to The Moth & the Flame at The Satellite. I just didn't bring my massive camera so a photo from my seeing them at The Echo will have to suffice. I first went to The Moth & the Flame at a show at The Bardot in Hollywood. It was a great venue for them and I was instantly slightly obsessed with their sound. My problem though lies in describing them to someone else. I was talking earlier with someone about our rating systems for music. Mine ranges from, "I love this and I want everyone I know to hear it!" down to "Why am I listening to this? I am sad that I am listening to this." The Moth & The Flame is the Former. I want all of you to hear it and go see them live. A lot of people have said that they are like Radiohead, and yes, I can hear the similarities and I am sure that Radiohead is a huge influence since they have been working with the Atoms For Peace producers. That said, I give them the due credit of having their own sound separate from Thom York and co. Vocalist, Brandon Robbins is what sold me on the layered sound with his melodic tones.

The lineup Monday night was great for Queen Caviate's residency. Playing early, Hotel Cinema was great. I had never heard them before but they were suggested to me and I am excited to see them again later this month (June 28th) at El Cid.Picture 310

Check these guys out! You wont regret a moment!

Till the next one,



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Picture 38530 Seconds to Mars invited 250 of their biggest fans out to an intimate show at LA's Historical Unitarian Church. Picture 384The band, introduced by KROQ's Stryker, played songs from their new album as well as some that were simply never released. Jared Leto, with his acoustic guitar played one song that seemed incredibly sombre but quite pretty. He stopped before the end and explained that it was a song that he never finished and did not seem to have any plans to do so. They went on to take requests but with the fans yelling out every song the band has released, they decided to pick and choose some old and new songs. The acoustic “Kings and Queens” from their previous album, This Is War, was my personal favorite. Thirty Seconds to Mars, made up of Leto, his brother Shannon and Tomo Milicevi, was in full celebration mode! New album Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams came out that night, and the show was like a big party to celebrate the release.

At the beginning of the set there seemed to be some technical difficulties and the lighting was non existent. Leto, seeming to be stalling finally yelled out "Guys! Turn on the lights! If I can't see, neither can they! This must be what ladies feel like! Man, just put it in already!" Sexual innuendo from him caused screams, nervous laughter and the girl in front of me to literally start fanning herself with her newly purchased vinyl.

About five songs into the set, Leto stopped the show to invite a fan on stage. He invited a young girl on stage saying that she has been crying the entire show. She joined him on stage and hiccups in full swing could barely say anything. The girl, Chloe 14 was barley able to compose herself enough to hug him and sit down for the next song.

Picture 380The band is incredibly divisive. People seem to love or hate them with no in between. Then there are those that just think, "hey! That guy was in movies!" He was, but I think it's fair to say after millions of records sold and some of the most intensive tours in the business, Leto in the last few years, has made the change to a full blown music career. A few days after the set, on his twitter feed, Leto announced that he would be out at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood with his guitar. A few hours later, he posted photos of himself and fans on the cement handprints. It's a very unique and very effective way to reach and stay connected to the fans but nothing out did the Sleepover. It was exactly what it sounds like. Five fans from allover the world were invited to have a sleepover at the band house and recording studio. I truly do not know of another band that has orchestrated a sleepover in their frontman's home. More power to them I suppose, but I can't be the only one that was almost expecting the headline "Mars Frontman held hostage in own home by enthusiastic fan.". Luckily, I was wrong and all went well. I'll be interested to know that they do to step it up next time.

For now the band is headed out to Europe for a summer tour to support the new album. In the fall, after hitting South America, Japan and Australia, they will be returning to Southern California for at least one show in San Diego.Picture 381 If you have not yet seen one of their live shows, go for it! You might end up on stage with the band!

Till Next time,

Cheers! We'll see you at the show!



The Black Keys LA's radio station KROQ hosted their 21st annual Weenie Roast last night at Verison Wireless Amphitheater. The line up was:

The Black Keys, 30 Seconds to Mars, Stone Temple Pilots (featuring Chester Bennington of Linkin Park (surprise appearance), Vampire Weekend, Of Monsters and Men, Jimmy Eat World, Silversun Pickups, Imagine Dragons, Awolnation, Atlas Genius, Fitz and The Tantrums, The Neighbourhood, Capital Cities, New Politics, Twenty One Pilots.

Awolnation's Sail made leaning near the speakers feel like a very aggressive massage chair was attacking me. The crowd got to their feet and sang every word. Getting an


upgrade from their starting position early in the day last year, they did well on the main stage.

Imagine Dragons were greeted by screaming girls and though Dan Reynolds had a broken arm, the band put on a good show. Beginning the set, Reynolds yelled "I cannot clap! I broke my arm. Please help me!" I think that was the first song of the day when everyone got to their feet and joined in the fun. At the end of the set, Reynolds took a, I believe inadvertent, dive off of the stage into the pit. He needed to be rescued by fans and security, but he was all smiles and raised hands when taken back stage. Jimmy Eat World was like a moment from High School and most of the night was fairly tame for KROQ's usual lineups. It was the year that the indi-rock bands took over. With Of Monsters and Men belting their "Little Talks" it was a very calm weenie roast.

Of Monsters and Men


Stone Temple Pilots, following some controversy with their frontman, Scott Weiland joined the lineup as the surprise appearance. Linkin Park's Chester Bennington played frontman and did well. Rumors have been circulating since the beginning of the year about the possible firing of the original frontman. Because Stone Temple Pilots were not on the original bill, when the rotating stage made the move and revealed the band to be The Stone Temple Pilots, the audience braced to see who would be belting out the lyrics. Chester came out and without a moment to lose jumped into the set and took over.  Chester and his new bandmates the band put on a great show.Picture 350 Picture 347






The second to last set of the night, 30 Seconds to Mars was the most audience splitting. The one and only delay was before this set and when the music built and finally the band entered, we soon realized that they were not in fact the band, but additional drummers and the band was hidden. There was a lot of creativity put into the production and quite the video accompaniment but I think the part the fans liked the most was the chance to dance on stage.

30 Seconds to Mars and KROQ have a special place in my heart because three years ago, I answered a questionnaire on and, without knowing it, entered to win tickets to a 30 Seconds to

30 Seconds to Mars

Mars show at The Greek. That concert was the catalyst that brought me here as Ohio and to all of the shows around the country.  So, though I was not one of the many girls crying and proclaiming that they wanted to have a Leto baby, I do in a weird little way give them credit for bringing me into music photography and for starting my live music addiction. For their show, they made an entrance with Frontman Jared Leto in the crowd playing an acoustic song before making his way through the crowd to the stage. I am still picking their confetti out of my camera bag from the set.


Picture 362

The Black Keys ended the night with a solid set. These guys put on a great show though I would like some changes in the set list, not because I don't love their music, but because I do! I want to hear more of it live. Playing well to the audience, Dan Auerbach works the stage and is one of my favorite performers.

One accidental stage dive aside, a mosh pit on stage, a few overly drunk audience members and a lot of bands made it a great night to spend with friends out in Irvine. From the rock of the Stone Temple Pilots, to the flashback brought on by Jimmy Eat World and the indi vibe of Vampire Weekend and Of Monsters and Men, it was an interesting line up and a successful and weenie filled night. Cheers KROQ, We'll be back next year!

As always,

Enjoy the show! See you in the pit!


the wonder years greatest generation I haven't always been a big fan of The Wonder Years (the band), but their amazing new album The Greatest Generation has finally put me on board.

Their brand of pop-punk practically bursts with emotion, earnestness and grit. In the past, their music was well-structured and flawlessly executed - making them one of the most important bands of the scene and earning them a passionate, dedicated fanbase. Despite that, I just didn't really 'get' their whole aesthetic - until now.

The Greatest Generation is a practically perfect pop-punk album with enough depth, maturity and songwriting chops to power a small nation. 

Growing up can be hard. Sometimes, we're forced to abandon our preconceptions of what our lives "should" be like, while friends and family achieve levels of success and happiness that can otherwise inspire jealousy. That can be depressing and cause some serious soul-searching.

Themes such as these are explored throughout The Greatest Generation, perhaps most succinctly with the song Passing Through a Screen Door:

For many twentysomethings (myself included), restlessness and that feeling of "so that's it?" can be a part of everyday life. Many of the songs on this album touch on that, adding to its power. But beyond the many thematic touches, The Greatest Generation features some of the best pop-punk music around today.

Never before have The Wonder Years crafted songs so musically impressive as these. The guitars buzz loudly, Dan 'Soupy' Campbell's vocals showcase a pitch and range previously unexplored, and nearly each song has a melody you won't be able to get out of your head for days.

Case in point: The Devil in My Bloodstream, a tune (featuring backup vocals from the great Laura Stevenson) that begins slowly but builds up, eventually turning into my favorite song on the album:

Final tracks are usually vital to the power of truly great albums, and the 7-minute I Just Want to Sell Out My Funeral is one of those. The song, a medley of sorts that touches on musical passages and lyrical themes featured throughout the album, is one hell of a way to close things out:

Check out The Greatest Generation if you're into the Wonder Years or consider yourself a fan of pop-punk. This band is one of the hardest-working around, and this is an incredible listen for music fans interested in this kind of music.

And if you dig it - go pick up a copy from the band themselves, it's worth it.

--Cheese Sandwich

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Picture 306 Picture 307The Echo was packed with the usual Echo Park frequenters and everyone was there to see Akron/Family. I made my way with a couple friends to the back portch where we met some people whose lives were changed by the music we were about to hear. We sat down and quickly started up a conversation with some guys taking a smoke break. I asked them if they had been fans for long (one was wearing a band t-shirt, so clearly he was there for the band) His answer was actually pretty fantastic!

"Yeah! You know, I was introduced to them a few years ago and I jokingly said that if they needed an extra recorder up there on stage. Later they brought me up there to play for a second. I kept in touch with them, but really that was a hard time for me and their music became a big part of what got me through that time. I support their shows now and come out whenever I can"

Though I wasn't able to ask the band about the mysterious additional musician that they had for a minute years back, but he seemed truly happy and changed by the music. Our conversation continued and we were later showed one of the best "hipster dances" I've ever seen. There was a lot of arm swinging involved.

Friends that I went to the show with had been wanting to see the show for years and by the look on their faces when the set started, it was all they wanted and surpassed their expectations.

The band took to the stage with the crowd eager to hear the newer songs. Rock and electronic infused music with a hint of ballad, the guys put on a tipsy and slightly psychedelic show inviting the audience to sway and hum along.  When the band makes their way to you, and hopefully back here to LA, join them for the night. Like our new friend, let their music change you for the better and embrace a stage invite if you get one!

The band's newest release Sub Verses was released on April 30th, 2013 on Dead Oceans label. The tour is taking them around North America and over to the UK for a time before coming back and ending their trip in Canada.


See you at the shows!


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NO Bradley Hanna CarterThe Troubadour is one of my favorite venues, and the house was full for the LA based boys of NO. Backstage before the show, everyone was in high spirits and ready to get the show started. Following a great set by Thrillionaire, NO took to the stage to a screaming crowd. I am always thrilled when good people get much deserved recognition and these guys are making it happen! Coming back from a great run at SXSW where they were named the #1 new band to see, they are back and ready to play and promote more music. For the band, made up of Bradley, Sean, Reese, Mike, Ryan, and Simon, this was their first show in LA this year and the first LA show for their newest addition, Simon. He has been a great addition adding a depth to the live show and will I'm sure be a great push for the new album, out later this year.

NO Mike Walker

When the next album jumps out, I'll be sure to encourage an interview from a couple of the guys.

Enjoy some photos from my night out at The Troubadour!

Picture 72NO Reese RichardsonNO Simon Oscroft

Picture 76

On a personal note, Mom and Dad Ohio were at the show and loved it, even though my mom said that she stuck out in the crowd like a "turd in a punch bowl".  That's my mama, and she's no turd, but she and my dad did enjoy their first visit to LA and their first true LA show.

Toward the end of the show, the band's frontman thanked the enthusiastic LA audience for supporting independent music. The band has been working as an independent band and they are a great reminder of the vibrance of upcoming and new music. So all of my BTH loves out there, support new and independent music! If you like a band, show it and show your support.

Since the show at the Troubadour, I was invited out to a last minute secret show in Hollywood. The venue was described as a bit "swanky". Expensive drinks, lost of high stilettos and 20 somethings at reserved tables all turned to the front when NO took to the stage. The friends I made for the moments before the show were quite impressed by the band. New fans were made and I'm sure will be kept.

NO Sean Stentz

Till next timeNO Ryan Lallier









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For some reason I was cursed! I had tried to see Alt-J about four times. I had even interviewed them with the intention of going to the show last year. With an emergency keeping me from that show and other commitments keeping me from the others, I thought I would never have the joy of seeing the boys of Alt-J live. Thanks to a good friend of mine, I broke the curse! That said, it was more than worth the struggle to get to the show. After a few flights back to LA that were less than lucky, we jumped in the car and made our way to The OC Observatory and found a nearly perfect view of the stage. I did not shoot this show, so I am sorry about my lack of photos, but please enjoy my interview.

Alt-J, made up of Joe Newman (guitar/vocals), Gwil Sainsbury (guitarist and bassist), Thom Green (drums) and Gus Unger-Hamilton (keyboards), formed after the members met at Leeds University in 2007. Late in 2012, I was able to speak with Sainsbury as the band made its way through Europe while on tour.

When I spoke with him, the guys had just checked into their next hotel. He sounded happy about the tour and excited about where it would soon lead.

“We’re headed to Portugal after this and then, I believe, right on to the US. We have a 10-day tour there,” said Sainsbury. “Boston will be the first show, but then off to the west coast for the rest.”

This time around, the shows will be quite different. The band was not known for large productions, but with a bigger tour coming up some changes have been made to the show.

“These will be special shows,” said Sainsbury. “Usually when we do gigs, there isn’t any production. I don’t want to spoil it really, though. We have added to the production and possibly some special guests too.”

No need to spoil the surprise; the music on its own will be more than enough to get people to the show. Alt-J’s eerie, rock sounding music and videos have a dark and offbeat undertone. When the band gets together to bring out new songs, the songs (at first) come from Newman.

“Joe [Newman] usually comes up with lyrics and a main melody with an acoustic guitar,” said Sainsbury. “Sometimes it will be just a riff, and we will all sort of restructure it and build it into the song.”

The band makes sure to keep everything relaxed during recording as well.

“It’s hard to keep it a relaxing environment when we record because we know how precious that time is,” said Sainsbury. “But we appreciate the happy accidents that can come out of it too. You can play a song hundreds of times, but then when you go to record, something that seems like a mistake can really be a great thing.”

He continued, “The spontaneity is important; we have to be open to the happy accidents in the studio. There has to be a little bit of messing around.”

The guys were on and the show was everything we were hoping for. Playing my one of personal favorites, Fitzpleasure I joined in the dancing, but I was blown away by the performance that closed out the night. Ending with Taro that breaks into amazing instrumentals was the best way to close out. It left me wanting an hour more.

Now on tour in support of its album An Awesome Wave, Alt-J will be touring North America for the rest of the month and they will be off to a European tour. When you get the chance, go see them! Do not let a curse stop you!



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kavinsky outrun The 2011 film Drive was one of my favorites, its style, attitude and amazing soundtrack creating quite a formidable piece of filmmaking. Ryan Gosling's creepily effective turn as a near-silent hitman who barely speaks throughout the film was impressive, too.

But back to that soundtrack - glittery, 1980s-tinged electro/pop accompanied the film's moodiness, creating a cinematic atmosphere of relaxed tension (if that even makes any sense).

The star of the soundtrack was French house musician/DJ Kavinsky (real name Vincent Belorgey). His song Nightcall was used so effectively it's all I think of when I think of the movie (well that, and Gosling's pouting face):

Kavinsky just released his full-length debut, OutRun, on February 25th - and it's phenomenal.

A note about me - it takes quite a lot to impress me in terms of electronic music. I'm not really big on that whole scene - but Kavinsky does it right.

OutRun is a theme album, bookended by an ominous narrator discussing the plight of a mysterious night driver who becomes intertwined with his car (again the themes of cars, drivers, and nighttime come into play - Kavinsky knows what works).

Musically, OutRun is almost Daft Punk-ian in terms of its beeps, blips, and overall feel, but they all gel together seamlessly. The song Suburbia comes along with a guest rapper, which is odd in comparison to the other, almost entirely instrumental songs, but it works.

In addition to Nightcall, which makes an appearance here as well, another highlight is ProtoVision. Here's its video:

So yeah - if you saw Drive and loved the soundtrack, you'll appreciate OutRun like I do. If you're into synth-heavy, retro-sounding electro/house suited for a dark cruise around the neighborhood, OutRun is for you.

Bravo, Kavinsky, you've made a fan out of someone that doesn't normally dig electronic music very much.

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What are you doing tomorrow, LA? Make your way to The Viper Room for the last night of Warner Drive's residency. Last week it was like a party and this week I am told that they promise this week to be the best yet! Picture 327

It felt like a party at the Viper room last week when Warner Drive's residency continued. Huge advocates of local music and support of their fellow Sunset Strip regulars, they invited members of other bands up for most songs and turned it into a party on stage.

"Get me a shot of whiskey!" yelled Joseph Holiday when he got up on stage to sing with Warner Drive. Holiday is known as one of the Strip's friendliest door men. On stage his Lady Sinatra persona comes out and it brings out the crowd!

Picture 339

Making sure to keep each show new, the band has been mixing up not only the people in their act, but the songs as well. Playing some covers and some of their new music, they are making the shows new each week.

The set list from last week. (don't worry, this will not give away what they have in the works for tomorrow)

1. The Scarecrow 2. Fully Loaded 3. 21st Century Digital Boy (Bad Religion) 4. Cypress Grove (clutch, sung with Joseph holiday from lady sinatra as guest performer) 5. faking smiles 6. She's Got the Look (Roxette, sung with Jodie Schell from The Shakers) 7. Radar Love (Golden Earring, sung with Brandon Baumann of Diamond Lane) 8. Boys and Girls (new song from new album coming out soon) 9. Rebel Yell (Billy Idol, sung by Casper of Casper and The Bad Spirits) 10. The Whore 11. Ace of Spades (Motorhead~ weren't you wearing a motohead t-shirt?~ sung by Gabriella Demarco of Dropdead L.A.) 12. Metal Bridge

Picture 334

Last year the band made their way around Europe on a tour growing a world wide fan base and a loyal group of supporters. I first saw the guys last year at The Roxy and their show is always lively and full of, probably at least a bit drunken, excitement.  The band, made up of Jonny Law  (Vocals), Ryan Harris  (Guitar), Candice Levinson  (Guitar), Elvis James (Bass) and Jonny U  (Drums) always take to the stage and demand that the audience get involved. La is known for having the standoff audience staying away from the stage. That will not fly at these shows. Get there and be ready for yelling, singing along and dancing.

Friday night is made for these guys!



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