We're working with Linkin Park to help a fan get a pretty badass deal from the guys:

Enter now for your chance to win an exciting gift pack from Linkin Park to celebrate the June 26th release of their new album LIVING THINGS.   One lucky winner will receive a CD copy of LIVING THINGS signed by the band along with Linkin Park stickers & buttons!

Here's the video for Burn It Down, from the new album:


To Enter with us:

Write me your favorite Linkin Park memory, whether it be live, in the car, at a party, whatever! Hit me up by July 9th!

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Seeing as I'll be in attendance to photograph Passion Pit this Wednesday at the Granada Theater, I wanted to announce the collab with the Cantillion Entertainment Group's mighty offering of one free pair of passes.

How do you win? Send me a couple paragraphs at flak@behindthehype.com , on how awesome your last Passion Pit experience was, whether it be a live show, or just rocking out the the quintet in your car. Better hurry though, because the lucky winner will be chosen tomorrow night at midnight.

Good luck, and see you there!


Steve Miller Band - Bingo! Album Cover
In honor of Steve Miller's newest album “Bingo!,” we are giving away one album to a random hyper. Miller is releasing the album on his own Space Cowboy Records. Following his annual summer U.S. tour, in a new show designed by director Rob Roth (who did “Beauty and the Beast”), Steve Miller will do a European Tour in the fall, including a concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall. Rules on winning the album are below - good luck!

Behind the scenes footage:

All entries must be received by June 30, 2010. If you want to enter to win this item, please send an email to: rmtc@behindthehype.com. Limit one entry by email per person. Winners will be selected by BehindtheHype.com at random. Your chances of winning depend upon the number of entries we receive while the promotion is posted on BehindtheHype.com. Void where prohibited. USA residents only.

You can find more information on "Bingo!" at the official Steve Miller Band website.

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I'm doing a collab effort with those boys from Dirty Heads to get you some free stuff, so check it out. Email me your favorite Dirty Heads moment (whether at a concert, or just had the crew playing in the background) to enter, and April 5th I'll pick the lucky winner of the following:

- (1) Dirty Heads Skullcandy headphones

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And if you haven't already, check the video for Lay Me Down.

"Lay Me Down" Direct Link: http://www.vevo.com/watch/dirty-heads/lay-me-down/USAL51020174 Also, their new album Any Port in a Storm drops soon, so get that presale going people!

Any Port in a Storm Special Edition Presale Link: http://interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=177936&

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/dirtyheads

Good Luck and I look forward to picking the winner.

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Hello again, Flak here with another giveaway for you! This time around Bono and crew are giving away a Deluxe Vinyl catalog of The Unforgettable Fire. It's availible now on iTunes here, but someone will be winning my free copy!

unforgettable fire

I'm running this one through December 14th, so send in an email telling me why you deserve this amazing collection!

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waking up alt cover The amazing new album Waking Up, by OneRepublic comes out today, and I thought it would be fun to get one lucky winner in on the action. I have at my command a SIGNED album copy and SIGNED poster from the band. Again, there's only going to be one winner, so you've gotta convince me why you are the winner of this lovely package. The songs Everybody Loves Me, and All the Right Moves alone are worth the album buy. Speaking of that, you can cop the album off iTunes right now!

Here's the official video for All the Right Moves to gawk at while you think of how you're going to convince me that you're the winner.

I'm running this one until November 24th, so get at it ya'll! And stay tuned for my review of the album in the coming days.

Until next time my friends,


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Let me first say that any band that wears a shirt talking shit about Limp Bizkit is a friend of mine. That being said, I'm proud to announce my latest giveaway. IMG_6933 (600 x 400)

When I first saw the ridiculous amount of energy this group of white rappers bring to the table, it made for one of the most entertaining sets I've seen all year. They've been tearing the charts up, staying on the Billboard charts for over a year with their first release, Swan Songs, and won't be stopping any time soon. But I digress.

Their latest release (out in stores today) will actually be a CD/DVD combo for their new  record, Desperate Measures. You'll catch covers from Motley Crue, Operation Ivy, and Led Zeppelin, coupled with a staggering 60 minute plus creation, and it's all for you.


I have two (2) said copies of their release for you all, and all you have to do is shoot me a few lines of your own rap verse! I know you've got it in you!

Contest ends on 11/24, so get rappin!

Until next time my friends,


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Let it Beat So today, I wanted to offer a give to all you Shwayze fans out there. They just released their second album today, Let It Beat, and hit me up with TWO signed cds and TWO posters (unsigned) from the guys. As per usual, email me with why you think you deserve to have a piece of Malibu history.


My darling new writer, Juice, will be writing a review on the album shortly, so keep an eye out! The contest only runs for a week (ends on 11/10) so hit me up quickly folks!

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Since I know you all love Steel Panther so much, I thought it was only right to get together with them to bring you a contest. I have two signed copies of the album, along with two signed posters for your hanging pleasure. These guys are legends, and are some of the most hilarious musicians to hit the stage in quite a while. Some of you have never checked out the live show, and this is the prelude to that. This contest runs for two weeks. That's November 10th, so shoot me an email why you think you're sexy enough to get in on one of these gifts!

Their new album, Feel the Steel, is in stores now. In the mean time, check out the video for Fat Girls.



Breaking Benjamin Dear Agony

Thanks to Ben at Total Assault, and in honor of Breaking Benjamin's new album, Dear Agony being released today, I'm bringing you a tantalizing prize pack for you collection. The rules are simple: email me at flak@behindthehype.com why you deserve the included fresh copy of the album, with a signed poster of the band by October 31st, and we will decide on All Hallows Eve.

Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow - Official Music Video (HQ)

To hold you over, check out the latest video from the single I Will Not Bow, also featured on the sci fi thriller soundtrack to Surrogates, starring Bruce Willis. Game on, and good luck!

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Hear ye all you music fans! The wonderful Samanta B. over at FILTER Magazine saw the work yours truly did on the A Fine Frenzy album, and brought us this special giveaway. You see, FILTER publishes Ragged Magazine (www.raggedmag.com), a website that mixes fashion and music for artists who support American Rag clothing. Alison Sudol (frontwoman of A Fine Frenzy) recently did some work with them, and that brings us to where we are today.

Heres a video (part one of three) of her photoshoot for the mag:

So on to the goods. There’s a prizepack to be won, featuring an issue of Ragged Magazine, A Fine Frenzy’s latest album, Bomb in a Birdcage, Taking Back Sunday’s New Again and a slew of other albums. The entire issue is free online now at www.raggedmag.com so have a look.

I’m running the contest through October 20th, and all you have to do is shoot me an email at flak@behindthehype.com to enter. I’ll hand pick the winner myself, so convince me!

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Your favorite socially conscience London rebels are back! This time better than the last! Enter Shikari tells us: they have created a squall of political protests handily disguised as club bangers combined with mosh-pit epics. Sassy!

The new sophomore album, Common Dreads provides a stroke of longevity for these rockers. It sets a platform for an even bigger fan base to join the opposition. It’s never been this cool to “Fight the man”. As the bands, says “The end result is a soundtrack for an entire generation – one where the party is as important as the politics”. Rock on!

Behind the Hype supports your cause - win one of two prize packs, including a copy of the Common Dreads album along with this kick ass poster:

Enter Shikari Common Dreads Poster

Don’t be a hussie, check out the contest details below. Enter here:

The contest will run through September 30, 2009. The winning entry will be picked at random from email submissions. If you'd like to entry, please email rmtc@behindthehype.com.

AuthorVeronica Barriga

These two are cocky, funky, silly, and real. So much you instantly fall for their beats and dig on Shwayze’s lyrics. You secretly want to hang and party in their Malibu pad, they make it look all too easy. They are not your older brothers, but they might as well be. Their songs provide a soundtrack for what the kids are thinking, doing, and even drinking (i.e. “Corona & Lime”).  Summertime music is what they are known for. Their upcoming sophomore release this fall,    “Let it beat” will prove they are much, much, more.  

You ready to make some music?

With an electric throw back to the 80’s and a thump blended with the finest club beats, their first single, “Get you home”, sneaks up on you and gets you dancing quicker than a shot of tequila!

A hip-hop duo they say, but not the typical of sorts. These two are known as Cisco Adler, the singer who also produces, while Shwayze raps. Together there is talent & heart behind the duo.  The combination is sheer brilliance, with a flair for toking it up and loving the ladies. Lucky for us, they write to create impressive songs about it!

And guess who got to speak with the boys?

Check it:

Veronica Barriga: You guys are on the soundtrack for the film, Sorority Row, and are shooting the music video soon I hear…

Shwayze: I just got off the phone about that… It’s gonna be cool. The director of Sorority Row directed our music video. We got him to come through and most of the girls from the movie are in the video. I don’t wanna give you too much, but it’s gonna be good…Gotta watch it when it comes out!

VB: A lot of your songs are about girls and love. Now we often hear about Cisco’s endeavors-

Shwayze: Ha ha, exactly…

VB:  But what about you, what cha working with, do you have a girlfriend?

Shwayze: Um, ahhhhh…

He is torn, for a second.

I don’t think I have a girlfriend. I have someone I’m talking to but- it’s hard you know, cause we’re always traveling. Music is my girlfriend, pretty much. It’s makes it a little difficult, but I’m always looking, looking for the right girl.

VB: “Get you home,” the new single, there are about five different people who have remixed it. What’s it like hearing your original creation through their version of the song?

Shwayze: I love it! I love it! I love hearing everyone. It’s crazy. We got Lil John, Dj Class and it’s…

He stops, I hear some noise on the other end, and he tells me Cisco is there now and somehow we lose track of what the hell we were saying…

VB: The new single… I haven’t heard the entire album, but it’s got a little bit of an 80’s vibe, a lot different from your first release.

Shwayze: We sat down, wanted to try new things out. With the last record we got to do a lot of clubs… So we wanted to have a song people could dance to, but still chill/feel good music. Cisco, he’s just got a wide range of stuff.  When I first meet him, he was in a rock band, so that’s what I love about our collaboration. It’s never one thing.

Cisco: It’s pretty much an example of us throwing a bunch of things into a pot. It’s an example of where we can go. You can’t put the single or the album into one category. From the minute we did that song, it was a rapper and a singer. So that was two different worlds colliding already. Whatever form we do will always be a version of influences… From pop rock to electric beats. We showcase a lot range on this record!

VB: Describe your writing process. Each time must be different, but how do you guys approach it?

Shwayze: Cisco is in the studio, like 24/7. The studio is at the crib so he’s in there, being the mastermind, creator of the song. We come up with the concept, and then I go in and write my verse. With this record we really crafted big songs. It was about stepping it up.

Cisco: I make the beats, but even when it’s done, that’s not necessarily what the end product will sound like. We might go back and change the verses, adding here and there… Bringing in new sounds, trying to keep making it the best it can be. We make sure the verses are perfect for the song.

VB: Sounds like an ongoing process, till they give you a deadline or cut you off, and then you’re like…ok fine, we’re done.

They crack up, "Exactly!"

The newest from Shwayze, Get it Fall 2009!

VB: “Let It beat” features some great acts like The Knux and Snoop Dogg. What was it like working with those guys?

Cisco: The knux are our boys. We’ve worked with them before, brought them out on tour with us… and we became great friends. So that was like friends jumping in, and just rocking out. Snoop Dawg, he’s a legend and one of our major influences on the hip hop side… So that was like a dream come true.

It’s cool that he would even get on there- It’s kind of a nod to us, of respect, in the hip-hop arena. Sometimes people don’t give Shwayze enough credit, they just see us individuals and think it’s not hip-hop.

VB: It’s a different kind a of hip hop….

Soon Cisco is off on a tangent!

It’s like, what the fuck is hip hop? Hip-hop has never been one thing! When hip hop started it was mostly guitars, an Mc jamming to guitars…

Did I mention I love these two……  “Tell um boys, tell them!”

VB: Were you nervous putting out this second album? As you know, people usually judge “staying” power with the 2nd release.

Cisco: I don’t think we were nervous. We got a song on this record, “Livin' it up,” he sings a lil bit about it, talks about the “sophomore slump.”

He then breaks into Shwayze, and delivers it, as a matter of fact like:

“Don’t be mad when you’re girl leaves with with us”…

Shwayze: We were excited to get back in the lab, after being on tour for eight months with the same songs. Those songs, to us, are like 3 or 4 years old. So it was really about, ‘let’s get back in there and make new songs!’

I ask about their upcoming college tour. September 17th to October 8th

Cisco: The college tour to us is like our bread and butter.

VB: Why did you choose to focus on, (well I guess it’s a given) the college campuses and that group?

With out hesitation, Cisco jokes, “Cause their wasted!” Shwayze then puts it into perspective.

Shwayze: Naw, just kidding. I don’t think we focused on them. We just do what we do, and the college kids connect with it.

Cisco: The thing about college tours, is like, it’s everywhere… You’ll have a 13 year old, and right next to her a 40 yr Rasta! It’s all good, as long they don’t touch each other…

 I’m still laughing

VB: Right, yeah I gotcha, but they are diggin’ the music, just the same. How are your friends and family reacting to your success, and you guys rising to the top?

Shwayze: I don’t have to many friends, I have 5 or 6 boys in my life that never change no matter what…  My grandma, you know she is proud.

Cisco: We come from love. Malibu is sort of a small community and everyone roots for everyone here.

VB: What a good place to hang out in Malibu, for people from out of state?

Shwayze: There’s this street in the center of Malibu where you can find lot’s of overpriced shops…

Just then the record label comes on the phone (out of left field, might I add) we’re wrapping up, let’s wrap up… Just when it was getting good- what the…

VB: Describe each other in 3 words…

Shwayze: (I seem to think he’s describing himself, but it goes) Intense, focused,  Hilarious. Um, well no- he starts to change his mind…

Which I think is funny.

Then a sincere Cisco goes… “No, no I am, I am,” As if to encourage Shwayze to keep the answer.

It’s no wonder these two had an MTV show. And after this, I’m likely to campaign for another!

Cisco then describes Shwayze as “young and hungry”…


What up?

I couldn’t make out the other word he used but I’m sure it was along the lines of "talented bas ass". That would be my guess.

In moments, Cisco starts fucking around…”Baby, baby, dick”…

VB: Big bigger and big…

There is all sorts of silliness going on back and forth. They got me… Until, I snap back into reporter mode, because the clock is ticking…

VB: What do you hope people take from this album?

Shwayze: I just want people to see that we’ve grown and we’re getting bigger, we work hard, and just want to keep doing it!

Cisco: With the last album, and all the kids we met… They would tell us, “This is the soundtrack for our lives! This is what we roll to the mall with! That’s what we get high with! This is what was on during the first time I made love!”… It’s about them growing up, and we provide the soundtrack for it.

I’d make it required listening, for those who love to have a good time.  

Get up close & personal with the Boys, at their latest photo shoot! Click Here for the Video!. For TOUR DATES & all things Shwayze, Check out the Official Site: www.Shwayze.com



Shwayze Poster


We have one (1) signed poster to giveaway. The contest will run through September 15, 2009. The winning entry will be picked at random from email submissions. If you'd like to entry, please email rmtc@behindthehype.com.

Housecat Housecall is, you guessed it, the feline equivalent of The Dog Whisperer. Except replace the flamboyant, eccentric Cesar Milan with Dr. Katrina Warren; a fairly-attractive female host with an English accent. Now, I have a cat, and aside from the pooping on the carpet I’ve never really had many problems with him. Cats are by nature very independent creatures, so I always assumed most of the problems they have can be worked out on their own. But after watching this show I guess there could be some little issues here and there that I may have overlooked. For example, maybe your cat wakes you up at 5:00 am every morning for food; the show has a solution for that. Maybe you cat has an unsafe chewing habit; the show has a solution for that. Maybe your cat just plays with, and destroys everything around him; the show has a solution for that.

Actually, I wouldn’t call them solutions per se. It’s seems more like advice than solutions. As I stated before, cats are very independent creatures. You can’t really stop them from doing anything they like, or make them do something they don’t want. And the thing is the show seems to know this and doesn’t really offer full-on solutions. It’s not like The Dog Whisperer where they have a bad dog and train it to be a good dog. In Housecat Housecall they have a bad cat, but they change the settings around him so he can continue to be bad, but in a safer environment.

I LOVE PUSSY...........CATS!!

Honestly, the advice these people give walks a fine line between “simple brilliance” and “common sense”.  The advice works, it most definitely does. But a lot of the problems these people have I figured out the solution to on my own. I didn’t need advice from a special cat doctor/whisperer. If your cat keeps waking you up at 4:00 a.m. for food, lock that shit in another room before you go to sleep. If your cat is going places it shouldn’t be going, spray that shit with some water. These problems aren’t difficult to solve, they really aren’t. But there are a few good tips in here, so the show isn’t completely useless.

I guess for the truly uninitiated Housecat Housecall is a good show to turn to for some simple and affordable advice. But from personal experience I can tell you that cat problems are usually fairly easy to solve. And really, if the cat you have is causing THAT much of a problem, then you can probably find a simple solution on the internet. It’s a lot easier (and quicker) than waiting for a specific episode of this show.

Overall, it’s a good show, but a bit simple minded. And if you aren’t a cat person, then Housecat Housecall is going to seem a bit gay (I mean that in the nicest of ways).

DVD Giveaway!

We have 1 DVD to give away of Season 1. Enter to win by emailing: rmtc@behindthehype.com. Contests ends August 31st, 2009.

Please put the name of the item in the subject line of the email and include your full name and address in the body of the email. Limit one entry by email per promotion. You must be at least 18 years old to have a chance to win. Winners will be selected by BehindtheHype.com at random. Void where prohibited.


U2 has released their latest single on YouTube. You can check out the David O'Reilly animated video for the single, I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight below, and check out the cool U2 items we have to giveaway.

I really liked this video - it was well produced and choreographed - with the layers added above the animation, and the occasional text displayed. Plus, that homeless guy dancing was bad ass. And, of course, let's not forget that the single was the usual greatness you'd expect from U2.

Giveaway Information

We have the following items to give away:

  • 1 T-shirt
  • 1 Hoodie
  • 1 Get On Your Boots 7" Vinyl
  • Posters/Stickers

You can check out each item below:

7" Vinyl

Be sure to check out U2's site for future updates.


With the holiday season upon us, Behind the Hype has decided to also partake in the season of giving. There are over 150 Behind the Hype license plate frames left, and we are more than happy to give them away for free. If you have ever stopped by the site, or are a new visitor, and like what you read here, then we'd love for you to sport one of our free license plate frames. Keep in mind these were not free to make, and we'll also cover shipping costs...so if you ask for me please actually put it on your ride / whip / car / motorcoach - however you like to call it. If you do put one to use, we also ask that you take a couple pictures so that we can make a photo gallery of them. We will of course blur out your license plate itself, if you are not privy in doing it yourself. Please send your requests, with your name & address to rmtc@behindthehype.com.

All that being said, here is the lovely Fierce Pussy (in her Cosby sweater) showing off these beautiful license plate frames:

BehindtheHype.com's Fierce Pussy Really Loves these Frames
Would you Look at that Craftsmanship?