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As a Los Angeles native I pride myself on answering the question- “ Hey what’s up, ya know any good bars around here?” Oh, my hopeless little tourist, my unsuspecting Hollywood crowd, and the rest of you who just don’t know any better - I’ve got your solution. Even though I can’t exactly take credit for discovering this joint, I will most diligently spread the word. “Ye Old Coach and Horses” I respond. That, my friends, is a good bar.

She sits on the Sunset Strip and has outlived every other trendy spot attempting to rain on her parade - a Hollywood saint that won’t ever go away. She is no larger than a grungy single apartment, dimly lit in a plethora of red - red walls, lights - the works!

As one walks in, the chunky jukebox is bound to catch your eye, along with a dart board and of course the mini- arcade game located on the bar. The ceiling is vaulted with wooden timbers or high beams (if you prefer). Random art is hung all over the place, and if you’d like a place to sit, there are plenty of Picasso style booths, as they somehow compliment each other but won’t ever match.

Tonight those funky seats are taken up by the various liberated souls (whom I will get to later). So I opt for the raggedy and probably stained bar stools, which I love because I’ve just created easy access to the bartender who mans the place. Only one guy takes care of all his people, and for a Tuesday night, this fucker is quite busy! He looks like a Mid-West farmer, covered in rock & roll! The bartender is your friend and he’s known for his heavy pour!

On weekends, the crowd is much larger and thus, the bartending duties are shared as one more drink mixer is added to the vibe.

Meanwhile it's now an early Wednesday morning, and I'm on my 3rd beer,  because I’m awesome, I’ve already prepared for the cash only rule- I then tip my bartender and close the tab.

The people I’m with decide it’s time for a smoke break, so we head to the outside patio - which is actually just a sidewalk, referred to as “Smokers Haven.”

Outside, we laugh, a guy pisses in the ally, we meet some Australian tourists, Silver Lake hipsters, and respectfully, a pair of cougars. Amidst the variety, there lies our crew: the Hollywood kids, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The wonderful thing about The Coach is that it’s unpredictable. Last week (mid-June) Selma Blair was in a booth making out with her man. Val Kilmer, Axel Rose, and even Robert Patterson have been spotted at The Coach. I must tell you- this is the type of bar Hollywood visits, NOT to be “seen”! It’s a unique gem, they just come here to have a great time, as do I.

Above all, even with the bathroom walls and floor lined with coke residue from the 1980’s, somehow this place will never lose its magical charm. Kinda like your elementary school teacher.

You will always have love for her.

The Nitty Gritty:

Location: 7617 W. Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles CA, 90046

Hours: Mon-Sat. 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 a.m. Sun. 5:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m.

Happy Hour: Everyday 4 to 8pm!!

Parking: There is only street parking, Make sure to read those signs. They tow on Sunset Blvd!

Insider Tips:

* Don’t show up without your money in tow. This gem only takes the green, as in cold hard cash, although there is an ATM (that will charge you) near the restroom.

*You can sneak your drink outside, although YOU MUST place it on the hidden ledge at the entrance. Take your drink out on the boulevard and watch what happens, you fool! “Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.” :)

*Some people use this bar as a launching pad for a great weekend night - the pre-game to the club circuit, the meeting place to have a beer before a crazy night!

*There are a couple of late night Thai food restaurants located a couple shops down from The Coach.

busbysEver had an urge to play drunk skee ball?

If so, did the idea of pre-gaming before the arcade turn you off? (C'mon — this is L.A. and you have to drive everywhere — who the hell pre-games?)

Does getting wasted at a Chuck-E-Cheese's just seem wrong?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, look no further.

Looking at the crowd outside the door and on the patio on weekend nights, you might think that Busby's West is a club, and the people that pack into the bar like sardines on Fridays and Saturdays to dance on the world's smallest roped-off dance floor probably think so as well. Come there on an "off-peak" time, however, and you'll discover its true nature — an arcade for grown ups (no, not that kind, ya perv).

First, there's the game room, which features skee ball, pinball and fooseball, among other attractions (including a cabinet of board games: I've never utilized it, but if you ever want to pound tequila shots over a game of Risk and get out of the house, this is the place). Then, there are the true gems: a ping pong room (with a beer pong table option, if you don't mind getting carried out of there) and 2 free pool tables (I know!). TVs are everywhere, in sports bar numbers, so if watching the game is what you seek, you'll be more than happy (the crowds aren't that bad during sporting events — I've yet to have to wait for a seat).

The beers are cheap ($5 domestic, $5.50 imports) and plentiful, (9 taps) and the full bar should be able to satisfy most of your liquor needs. The food's a mixed bag: the menu's on the pricy side, and the ambitiously gourmet-sounding dishes (like the seared ahi sandwich) tend to be disappointing; stick to the bar food however, and you'll be impressed.

The Facts:

Address: 3110 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica, CA, 90404

Parking: $3.50 valet at night, but usually parking on Santa Monica Blvd. is easy to find.

Happy Hour: M–F, 3:00 – 7:00 pm; $3 beers and house wines, $4-5 appetizers.

Notable Events: Sunday night trivia (8ish or whenever the game's over) followed by drunken Rock Band.

Monday night karaoke (go at your own risk).

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Although the Reverend is not Catholic (sorry, ladies), he does observe Lent every year without fail.  This year, as the result of a horrid bender embarked upon for reasons too dark and numerous to get into here, he elected to give up alcohol.  For forty days.  Which quite naturally brings us to the topic at hand:  What exactly does a devoted imbiber of the corn do with himself at those odd times when he (or she) would ordinarily be sleeping off a hangover or laying the foundations for the next one?  Moreover, what do you do with the money you save by not drinking? As it turns out, you can bowl on the cheap.

A Classy Joint

Cal Bowl is in Lakewood; it anchors a lengthy strip mall and encompasses an arcade and an M&M Soul Food restaurant.  (This writer will attest that the marriage of bowling and soul food is a happy one, by the way.)  On Tuesday nights the games are  a dollar each after nine, but you have to get there early since people are usually waiting as early as eight or eight fifteen.  It's an easy wait, judging by the aromatic smell in the parking lot and the traffic at the bar.  The lanes are smooth and well-lit, and since most people bowling on a school night are usually serious enough to bring their own equipment it's easy to find a house ball.

A most exclusive club, I'm told

Cal Bowl runs other special nights:  Cosmic Bowling is on offer on Fridays and Saturdays, with a free jukebox, and on Mondays there is a thing called Quartermania which sounds way too heavy to miss.

Despite the distance from Long Beach itself, Cal Bowl is worth the drive.  It's weird, loud, and a little bit anachronistic and cheesy: in short, the real thing.  With soul food.

The Rack is stacked - get it? Thanks. Anyhow...The Rack is a pool hall / bar / restaurant located at 6100 Topanga Canyon Blvd #2160 Woodland Hills, CA. Unlike ONE Sunset, even though The Rack has many faces, it is pretty good at each, with the restaurant section clearly segmented away from the pool hall / bar section. It is pretty much whatever you want it to be, whenever you need - restaurant by day, sports bar for NFL / NCAA games, or a pool hall / bar for some fun nightlife.

The Rack: Pool Hall / Sports Bar / Restaurant

This is a fun spot in an otherwise dead part of the San Fernando Valley, which is conveniently located right next to the AMC 16 theater, so you can either get nice and toasty before a movie, or make it a movie / pool date. Their drink specials are very appealing for those on a budget, but they also offer top shelf selection. Bartenders and waitresses are laid back and friendly, and you won't be waiting forever to get your drink on.

The Delicious Pool Hall Area

We were at The Rack on a Saturday night, and while it was busy I wouldn't say it was packed. The crowd is mixed with some people dressing up while others don't give a shit. Plenty of decent-looking people to pick from; no super hotties like a Hollywood type establishment, but you will not be disappointed by the selection. Music is all controlled by the building, and they played a nice array of 90s and present day favorites. You will notice some really cool images on the walls, including this one I really enjoyed:

Painting of Jazz Band Playing on the Wall

I found it kind of funny that they had to really lay out their "dress code" by etching it on the glass next to the front door. In case you are concerned, this is what it said:

Dress Code enforced after 6pm. Buttoned Shirts Preferred

  • No Tank Tops
  • No Caps
  • No Overly Baggy Pants
  • No Team Apparel
  • No Printed T-Shirts
  • No foul language tolerated

That last one makes me chuckle, and I love chuckling. If you thought I was joking about their drink specials earlier, check out just a few of the ones I jotted down:

  • $5 Premium Long Island Ice Tea - All Day / Every Day
  • $3 Jose Cuervo Margaritas - All Day / Every Day
  • $3 American Honey Shots - 8p.m to 9pm / 10pm to 11pm / 12am to 1am
  • $5 Bee Sting Shots (Wild Turkey Whiskey + American Honey Liqueur) - 8p.m to 9pm / 10pm to 11pm / 12am to 1am
  • $5 Irish Honey Shots (Jameson Irish Whiskey + American Honey Liqueur) - 8p.m to 9pm / 10pm to 11pm / 12am to 1am
  • $3 Coors Light Draft $20 Buckets of 6 Coors Banquet Bottles - During NFL Games Mondays / Thursdays / Sundays
  • $20 Buckets of 6 Miller Lite & Miller Genuine Draft 64 Bottles - During all NCAA Games Saturdays
  • I took a short video before I got too hammered to operate my camera. Have a look at The Rack for yourself:

    The Rack is definitely a place I would go back to, and I did shortly after to try out their grub. Main reason I had to go back to try out the restaurant section was because they stop serving food at 10p.m., which is not too unusual for a multi-faceted place. Being a huge fan of macaroni & cheese (I know - I have an exotic tongue), I had to give their "world famous" Rack Mac a whirl. It wasn't bad, but the cheese was a bit too zesty for me. We also had their wings, which were scrumptious, and my buddy, The Good Reverend, seemed to enjoy his burger as well.

    The Rack's Restaurant Section

    Truth be told, I only have two small gripes with The Rack, but I might be just searching for something. One thing I didn't like was that they didn't have a designated smoking area, which means whenever you walk in or out you are faced with shuffling through the random smokers outside. The other thing I wasn't too keen on was that the restaurant section is technically outdoors (kind of), but it is basically all enclosed, with only a small portion of the overhead not being covered by a roof. Just seems like that's a bad idea even for the 6 times a year it rains in Los Angeles. All in all, I'd say their motto is pretty spot on from what I experienced:

    Where Entertainment and Fine Dining Collide

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Backstage is a dive bar, which hosts a slightly older crowd, located across the street from Sony studios at 10400 Culver Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232. You will find that everyone there is in their late 20s to late 30s. Definitely easy to pick up a random horny soul, as most the girls and guys are pretty DTF. My buddy Nick has been at this bar several times, and he labels it a "meat market". I include Nick's explanation for those wondering:

Backstage is a meat market. You know how you go to the meat market and you can pick any piece of meat you want? Well, if I want to fuck a random bar skank, I go to Backstage.

Outside of Backstage Bar

Being my first time at Backstage, I was a tad bit confused to start. We get there, wait outside for about 15 minutes, and get inside to a packed bar. Nick says of all the times he has been there, that was the only time he saw a line, but bear in mind it was a Friday night. Inside, I start looking around, scoping the place out and there are simply no attractive people. Everyone is pretty average - men and women - which I have never seen at a bar. Not really a bunch of ugly people, just a bunch of average, otherwise fly-under-the-radar type of people. Average looking people, I have found your chill spot. It is not something to be ashamed of - I am not exactly Johnny Attractive myself. It is merely the hand you were dealt, no biggie.

80s Music + Karaoke = Madness

They were running karaoke while we were there, which I normally do not see at a full-blown dive bar. There is a dance floor, which is pretty tiny, so many people were just dancing where they were standing. Since the bar is not all that large itself, you will always be submerged in the sound of the music. Another slightly out-of-place element is the photo booth in the back of the bar, which did not see any action while we were there. That being said, I am sure it has seen it's fair share of average looking people trying to pose sexy, and coming up just short every time.

Photo Booth is Home to Many Lonely Stares

One of the waitresses explained to me that karaoke is only on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Wednesday nights is when they have live music, which I can only assume is a shitty local band, and judging by the music people were karaoke-ing to while we were there, it will more than likely be an 80's cover band. Tuesday nights they call "regulars" nights, which means $2 dollar well drinks all night long; it also probably means a sea of average looking people getting absolutely shit house. Delicious.

As far as the music being all 80's songs - it certainly fits the age range of the crowd - so it seemed to "flow" well, if you will. They offer a pretty full menu, for a dive bar, with various sandwiches, salads and entrees. I did not take advantage of the meal option, but many people ordered food while we were there, which leads me to believe that the food is either half-way decent, or at least bearable while you are blitzed.

Menu - Sandwiches, Salads & Entrees Menu - Appetizers & Burgers

The really strange thing to me was the lack of attractive people - I cannot shake the fact that there was not a looker in the house - on a Friday night of all nights! Certainly if you are lonely, looking for a warm body, then you could easily take care of your needs at Backstage. But isn't the point of picking up on people at a dive bar that you have some chance of scoring some puss (or cock) that is normally out-of-your-league?

Average Looking People Getting their Groove on

Truth be told, while we were there, there was one pretty girl I saw, but she ended up being one of the waitresses. If you are one of those guys that likes picking up on waitresses (the forbidden fruit!), then you probably have some decent odds of scratching that itch at Backstage, since it isn't exactly stiff competition. My only other qualm about the bar, besides the average looking people, was that the music was too loud. I am admittedly not a big 80's fan myself, so that might sway my opinion a bit.

Guess what?  More Average Looking People!

All-in-all, Backstage is a decent dive bar which can get you laid with some average looking people. If you like 80's music, karaoke, and do not mind partially screaming over the music all night, then you will have a blast. Believe me, there were plenty of people rocking the fuck out all over the bar.

House of Billiards is a sexy 18 and over pool hall, located at 14662 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks, CA 91403. Years back, the pool hall went through a short period where it was 21 and over, but I guess that idea was not too successful, so they reverted back to 18 and over. They have 20 pool tables, and just about all 20 were taken the entire time we were there from 11 p.m. to about 1 a.m., on a Saturday night. In addition to the billiards, they have some pinball machines (which rarely see any love), and old school table-top arcade games near the bar area. Part of the bar area is a bevy of TVs, that are always playing sports highlights and games. There is also a smoking patio at the front of their building, which has a large sliding door that peeks into the pool hall.

House of Billiards Front Exterior Peeking Through the Patio Door

You will be hard-pressed to find a pool hall that is crawling with as much hot puss as House of Billiards. Beyond the hot bartenders, just about every girl that was in there was definitely bangable. At one point, I noticed just saying aloud, "Man, this place is crawling with titties." On top of the sheer volume of delectable visual treats, was how diversified the selection was. There were some rocker chicks, hip hop chicks, Hollywood chicks, Valley chicks and everything in between. I suppose you can chalk that up to an ancillary benefit of it being 18 and over, in that it is probably one of the cooler spots someone not of bar age could visit.

A great aspect of the pool hall is the quality of the music. Most often the music is controlled by the customers, but when there is a lull in music being chosen, the staff will play some choice jams. In retrospect, they probably have the most modern music selection of any place I have been to, that is crowd-controlled. I am also a big fan of the volume they set it at - not too loud, but not too quiet where it is just elevator music.

Juke Box & Side View of Bar

An important thing to keep in mind is that House of Billiards is cash only. Fret not, credit card toting aristocrats, as they have an ATM inside, and there is a 24-hour ATM at the Bank of America across the street. While you can't buy hard alcohol at House of Billiards, they have a really good selection of draft beer. We were getting pitchers of Hefewizen for $13.50, which is not a bad price for a place on Ventura Blvd. They do not serve any food, but just about every time I have been there, someone has ordered a pizza and had it delivered to the pool hall. On rare occasions, the staff will order pizzas, and sell individual slices to anyone that wants to add some grease to their chalk-coated hands (the chalk being for the pool cues, not some weird chalk fetish shit, of course).

Handsome Shen Lining up his Shot

The lovely Barbara was our waitress/bartender, and she was an absolute doll. Aside from the fact that she is very cute, she was on top of our beer orders, and apologized for the one time she took a bit longer to get to us. When my buddy Josh paid for our second pitcher, I spoke with Barbara for a moment, and I think she liked the fact that I was recording. Kinky! (If Barbara stumbles upon this, please excuse my friend Josh - he was heavily beaten as a child).

One of the cool things the pool hall does during football season is $5 Sunday football. You give them your hard-earned five buck, and get to pick any table to play at on a first come, first served basis. Additionally, if there is a TV by your table, you get first dibs on what game is being played on said TV, even though they carry all the games on the main TVs in the bar area. Barbara said that many people get there early on Sundays, and don't leave until the last game is over, which means a solid 10-hour shift from 10 in the morning, until 8 at night. God bless Sunday football.

Delicious Pool Tables for Delicious People

House of Billiards is a fun pool hall, that plays good music, has a young & fun staff, and caters to a young, attractive crowd. Pool pricing goes slightly up on the weekend, but don't expect to pay more than $15-$20 for a couple hours of pool. Definitely a cool spot to check out, and can make for a good time out with friends. Also not a terrible idea for a first or second date, which won't be too pricey, and will give you some entertainment to fill in the void of any uncomfortable silences. Plus, if your date sucks, there are plenty other dames to sink your hooks in.

Les Deux is a bar / club located at 1638 N Las Palmas Ave Hollywood, CA 90028. Let me start by saying this was not an easy place to find. It is about five buildings south of Hollywood boulevard, on the west side of the Las Palmas, but the entrance is inside of their parking lot. To be sure, it is a strange setup, but I am no longer mystified by the unique (often times mind-boggling) quirks of bars and clubs in Hollywood. Along for this wild ride were BehindtheHype.com's very own Casey Cupcakes and Fierce Pussy. I guess if you are going to go to a Hollywood bar on a Monday night, what better way than with a couple beautiful friends?

Casey Cupcakes: Are you really that small? Fierce Pussy: He really IS that small!

Les Deux is a deceivingly-large venue for two reasons. The first, and most obvious, is that most places in Hollywood just are not that big, and the second is just the way the bar is laid out. Looking at it from an aerial eye-view, it would look like a long rectangle. When you first walk through the entrance, you are at outside lounge area of the bar. There are booths, with tables, setup and a cute fountain in the middle. Personally, I do not think the fountain matches the theme of the place, but who am I to tell Hollywood how it should roll?

The Fountain Really Ties the Room Together, Dude

The outside area, which I suppose also acts as the "front" of the bar, if there needs to be a "front", was by far the most crowded. This could be due to people wanting to smoke their cigarettes and weed, or merely because they were unaware there was more to this bar than meets the eye. Being the thorough reviewer (read: designated driver aka bored) that I am, I scoped out the entire place.

The Music is too Good to Dance to

There is a bar for the outside area which was super busy, but if you walk another five feet to the first segment of the building, there was another bar, which was much less busy. This first interior segment also sported booths/tables along the walls, and had some disjointed tables and chairs all throughout the middle portion of the room. The music associated with the outside area would be what you would listen to / dance to in this first room.

Awe & Slendor that is the Empty First Room

Now you continue walking, and reach a hallway. Being the master labyrinth-solver that I am, the bar's maze was no match for me. This hallway joined the first and second rooms, and is also where you will find the doors to the bathrooms. Another thing that did not seem to fit, in my opinion, was there was a guy serving people in the men's bathroom. Unfortunately, by "serving" I am not referring to 2-for-1 handjobs, but merely paper towels, gum, cologne, etc. This just did not seem like the sort of place that would necessitate having this guy there, nor do I think he sees much action. And by "action" I of course do not mean tips, and do mean 69'ing in the stalls.

The Minotaur is Hungry, so Make it Fast

Assuming you make it past the Minotaur, you are greeted by an interesting surprise in the second room. There is a live band playing in the second room, and the second room also has it's own bar. I spoke with one of the waiters, Matt, and he gave me the skinny on the live band situation. Apparently there is only a live band on Mondays, which is when it is Rock night. Truth be told, while the live band was nothing special, the selection of music in the outside area was really good. For every night other than Monday, there is a second DJ spinning in the second room, and from what Matt tells me, the music is typically better in the second room. If the bar is not busy enough, they will usually close off that room, to artificially create a feeling of "busy."

Owning a Guitar does not Make you a Guitarist, Chief

Besides the "front" outside area, and the two rooms inside, there is also a third interior segment, which is upstairs. The upstairs room is small, so it is pretty cozy, with a non-functional fireplace. Without trying to investigate the origin of the building for Les Deux, my gut instinct is they just retrofitted an old house into a bar. What makes me think that, beyond the fireplace, is that part of the upstairs section are floor-to-ceiling doors that overlook the outside area.

Space Cakes not Recommended in Upstairs Room

The part I liked most about the bar was that along the south wall of the building is a long walk-way that stretches from the the second room to the "front" outside area. I imagine this comes in handy if the bar is really packed, and you do not feel like swimming through a sea of people. Plus it adds an additional element of an outside atmosphere, so if it is getting too hot inside, or you just feel like some air, you can do so pretty easily. I should add that it was not hot inside, but it was also not packed at the time.

This is Where they Hide/Eat the Bodies

As I mentioned earlier, Monday is Rock night. Tuesday is Hip Hop night, and the rest of the week is a mix of dance music and top 40 hits. If this place was not in Hollywood, I think it would definitely be a cool spot for me to go to somewhat frequently. I am certainly not a Hollywood type of party guy, and there is little I hate more than having to get "dressed up" to have a good time. On top of that facet, I really cannot stand the sort of people that Les Deux draws in. Without coming off too judgmental of other people, let's just say the Hollywood crowd was there in full effect, and I do not mix well with the Hollywood crowd.

That being said, if the Hollywood crowd is your thing, I certainly see no reason for you not to enjoy your time at Les Deux. It is a unique, huge venue, with good music, and a large parking lot connected to it. Sure, you have to pay for parking, but if you are lucky enough to find street parking (which did not take long, but we certainly did get lucky), then you are golden. It is a trendy place, and draws a pretty fake, pretentious, Hollywood crowd (could not resist some amount of judgment), that needs to wear dark sunglasses at 1 a.m. (indoors, no less). But like I said, if the Hollywood crowd is your thing - and you would who you are - then by all means check out Les Deux. For someone into places more like dive bars and lounges, stay far far away. If you would be into a mix of a lounge, and Les Deux, you might like ONE Sunset, which is also in Hollywood. Check out my review of ONE Sunset to see if it is more up your alley.

Think again if you think a night out with Casey Cupcakes and Fierce Pussy does not have some shenanigans involved. As we walk back to the car, Casey decides (under my direction) to steal the flag from the parking attendant. Unbeknownst to us, he saw as the crime went down, and quickly caught up with us. At least he was nice enough to take a sexy picture with the ladies:

The Threesome on the Sidewalk was SEXY

Do not expect an explanation for this closing video, because there really is nothing I can say that will make much sense of it. I just recommend watching it, and staying happily confused.

I will not go into what this event as all about at Les Deux, but instead I will leave that up to Casey Cupcakes' up-coming article, as she was who invited Fierce Pussy and myself.

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Our last time out to Springbok, after I picked up my new digital camera, meant that I could actually take some pictures of the bar "in action" if you will. It would have been more crowded, but we went on a pretty windy night, which in Los Angeles means no one leaves the house, and if they do, they are not going somewhere with outside seating. If you want more information about the bar, please see my review. First up is an exterior shot of the side of the building. Nothing really interesting about this, but you will just have to deal:

The Magical Outside of Springbok

As I mentioned in my other review, the outside patio is huge, and usually full of fun-loving drunks, and cigarette smokers alike. Here is what it looks like as you enter the patio, from the street:

Springbok has a Sexy Patio

And now let us suppose you are not too cowardly to step inside the patio, and take a look. This is what you would see; although the dog (lower left corner) is a pretty strange sight:

Where the Cool Kids Creep About

The interior has a really laid-back look to it, and it is decorated to the brim with rugby / football memorabilia, and random beer signs / mirrors. A couple images of the main dining / drinking area inside the bar:

Drunks Having Fun A Tame Night

Springbok offers a pretty thorough selection of beers on draft, and they have a wide variety of alcohol, for any type of liver. I sneaked in a picture while the two hot bartenders were 69'ing on the other side; in retrospect, perhaps I should have taken a picture of that. Oh well.

Alcohol - Why I Piss Blood Every Morning

I would explain this last picture, but I think it just works better being left up to your imagination:

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

This should (hopefully) give you a better idea of what kind of place Springbok is, and what it can turn into for you and yours. Sorry - I just could not resist the chance of saying, "...you and yours." Until next time, kids!

CategoriesBar Reviews

This little gem is located at *16153 Victory Blvd Van Nuys, CA 91406.  Springbok is a really chill bar to have a solid evening of drinks and grub.  Personally, I've never had the food there, but my friends who have eaten there all say it is delicious.  The theme of the bar is more on the sports bar side of things, coming from South African owners, but it's far from a straight-up sports bar. On a typical weekend night, they will have some shitty live band play some shitty cover songs...but after a few drinks in, you are singing along, and don't even notice the quality (or lack thereof).  As to be expected with a joint in the Valley, the drink prices are reasonable, and they are decently potent.  I think the last time I went, I picked up 4 mixed drinks, and 3 Irish Car Bombs for around 50 bucks.  Not too bad.

Springbok Bar & Grill

The bar is pretty well-lit, so while it has some dive bar features, expect to see everywhere you are going.  Some men (and probably women), employ the "oops, sorry for bumping into  you" tactic to pick up on people, which comes off considerably more obvious without dim lighting.  Springbok also features a nice pool table (free-of-charge), and a juke box.  Both times I've been to the bar I have never seen the pool table vacant, but that is not to say you won't be able to get a game in if you wait.  When the shitty live band isn't playing, the juke box fills the void, and there's always good music playing - whether it be older hip hop or alternative, or modern rock.

One of my favorite features it the outdoor smoking patio.  It is the length of the bar, and pretty wide, so there's always a decent amount of people out there.  If you are like me, and don't like to be: a.) drowned in music, b.) other people's conversations, or c.) crowded, then the outdoor patio is for you.  Waitresses are there to serve you drinks, and if you get there before 10:30 p.m., you can order from the kitchen as well.  The staff is pretty young, and always friendly.

The best part of the bar is the crowd.  On any given night, you will find sports guys into rugby, trendsters, Hollywood-types from the Valley, various geeks (i.e.: me), cougars hunting for young cock, frat/sorority types, the down-to-Earth types, and everything in between.  Expect friendly people, good conversations, good times, and some occasional ass to hit on.  If you have never been to Springbok, and you like drinking in a relaxed environment, it is definitely worth your time.

*There is also a Long Beach, CA location.
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